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Pack Leader

Cesar shows up next, with both owners/judges in tow, at Fortitude. James babbles and blahs and can't explain at all what's going on, so Clint tries to explain the webcams, and Tone-Deaf James is like, "Uh, we'll explain that." Cesar says there were too many leaders in one pack in the men's territory. Which is sort of the whole point of this show, but I get the criticism: James should have asserted himself as the leader, but was unable to. Just like most people with their dogs. Cesar does very much like the webcams. He says that's a way to bring people in and blow them away. Cesar then watches Steuart vacuum a dog, and leaves. James is happy with his team. We'll just see about that in the boardroom, now, won't we?

And now here we are, with the teams all lined up in the boardroom. Trump enters and asks James if he likes dogs (he does), and if his team was a dog. James says his team was actually terrific. Trump, unhappy not to find the drama he's looking for, moves on to the sure thing: David, who of course says he didn't think much of James at all as project manager, and that he doesn't respect him at all. David explains his conflict with James over the question he wanted to ask and was shut down on. James agrees he did shut down the question, which was something that should be saved for later.

Trump asks Gene what he thinks, and he says that David actually didn't want to be sidelined, but James was trying to minimize the disruption. Gene says they lost a critical set of hands, but it's the project manager's decision. David would like to explain what happened. He gets all dramatic and acts like an innocent about it, and they bring up the great "making nails out of a binder clip" debate of 2010. It goes nowhere and no one really cares, so Trump asks Clint about James. He brings up the mistake James made with the owner at the table. Ivanka asks James if that shows a fundamental lack of judgment, but James doesn't think it does. He wanted to put all the pieces together. Don points out getting information from the owner would have helped him formulate his plan.

Trump moves on to Tyana, and asks if her team won. She thinks it's "a really good possibility." She says that everyone, at the end of the task, completed their portion of the task. Trump asks if there was any weakness in people being afraid of dogs, which of course leads to Mahsa, who raises her hand and says she was terrified, but not anymore, and "in the end, I came out victorious." Trump asks if it was obvious Mahsa was afraid of dogs, and why would Tyana put Mahsa with dogs. Tyana lies that she didn't know the extend of Mahsa's fear, and that she didn't want her at the front desk. Mahsa says she would have put herself at the front desk, and that she thinks Tyana's a terrible project manager. Tyana says that if the Mahsa that exists in Mahsa's head were the real Mahsa, Trump should just give her the job, but she's not.

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