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After she's gone, Wade -- who James put on decorating instead of working with dogs, even though he's the dog lover -- is back with decorations. James hates it and decides to change things up. So David takes over to go back to making a grand entrance, but James wants him on the webcam, and is happy with the simplified Astroturf entrance they're going with now. Like everything, it's totally exasperating for David. And, like everything David does, his behavior is exasperating for James, who's like, "How does he think he'll turn a binder clip into a nail?" David goes back to do the webcam, but James calls him out to talk again. James clearly cannot handle David, so he kicks him out and asks someone else if they can set up webcams. David says fine, and "have fun failing." Then he goes outside and says he now has a reason to rip someone from ass to elbow. He's out for blood. And, as crazy as this guy is, I think he might actually mean this literally. Hey, at least it would make this season less boring!

Fortitude. Liza explains her job was decorating, so she's printing the banners and signs. Stephanie speed-talks through an interview about how Liza didn't train in any specific station today, unlike everyone else, because it took her all day to do the banners. And, fifteen minutes before the deadline, the printing company calls to say they can't download the artwork, so everyone is like, "Off with Liza's head!" Because she's like poison or something. It is starting to feel a little racist to have all of these white, white blonds ganging up on the African American. I mean, come on, it's not like she's Omarosa, for God's sake. That role would be played this season by Mahsa.

Finally, it's doggie day care time. The dog walking (or sitting with dogs, in the case of James and a lazy Boston terrier), poop cleaning, massaging, webcamming, and goodie-bag-giving commence. Then Cesar shows up at Fortitude, where Tyana's practically squealing with delight. She explains "Tail Wag Tuesday": They provide a personal photo, a report card, and a doggie bag. Cesar awesomely judges the teams just like he judges dogs on his show. He says that Tyana's energy was "calm, assertive energy," and "she was there for the pack." He really likes seeing the team effort. He does have to tell Mahsa and Kelly that they committed a "big no-no" by reaching down to touch a dog that's eating. If that's the biggest criticism of their team that the editors could fine, I'd say the ladies are in the clear on this one.

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