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Previously: Sinbad and Cyndi proved detrimental distractions to their respective teams, but only Sinbad was thrown to the wolves for his shortcomings. Bret was a whiny bitch. Sharon coughed up a lung over a bunch of cupcakes. Darryl was admittedly lazy. And Blago loves balloons!

Upstairs, the guys put bets on who was fired. The smart money's on Bret, but as we know this is the celebrity edition of the show, so don't count on smarts being a factor ever. Bret and Blago return to the apartment, met by shocked expressions from all. Bret expresses his frustration to the others that he's been thrown under the bus from minute one (debatable). The pity parade carries on for some time as Bret speaks to the men later. Michael actually walks out on his ass, and the others trickle behind. Bret thinks that this if things aren't set right between him and the other guys, the team will crumble and fail. No out-of-control egos here, no sir. Credits.

The next day, Maria takes her winnings to lunch with a kid named John Paul from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He was diagnosed with leukemia when he was five years old but is thriving with the help of the foundation. Maria presents the 20-grand check to him. He's never seen so much money and is especially grateful. John Paul's wish is to meet Donald Trump (God save us all), and he's taken Trump's lessons to heart by opening his own stand, where made a whopping $14. Guess he hasn't learned the lessons about stepping all over your competitors and being a lying, cutthroat boil on the ass of humanity yet. Maria tells the kid that he's invited to the finale, and he'll get to meet not only Trump but the whole cast. Hopefully he gets more face time with, say, Summer Sanders than he does with Bret. There's nothin' good to be learned from that.

Back in Manhattan, the teams convene to learn this week's task. Before that, Trump asks Blago about the board room and whether he made the right decision. The Gov hems and haws and stumbles and stutters until Trump finally cuts him off and pats his own self on the back. Sheesh. Next, Trump mentions the danger of identity theft before introducing them to Todd Davis of LifeLock and Janice Chapin of Norton, two companies who are joining forces for the first time to ensure user safety on the Internet. The teams' assignment: Create a four-page advertorial to pimp the product in Time magazine and on Additionally, the teams will choose one celebrity spokesperson to present the product. Executives will judge them on creativity, brand integration, celebrity spokesperson, and overall presentation. Trump says Don Jr. and Gavin Maloof, owner of Palms Casino in Las Vegas, will be his right-hand men this week. Summer immediately steps up for Tenacity, and Michael takes the reins for RockSolid. Like last week, the winning PM will get $20,000 for his/her charity.

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