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Previously: Bret and Holly were chosen as the final two, and then they began their Snapple tasks. Tonight, says announcer guy, it's the final showdown. And someone will become the... Celebrity Apprentice. A title that means very little, really, unless you want to appear on this show in the future and help judge people. (Though, granted, it means something to charity.) "Money, money, money..." Now with live applause, mostly for Bret, naturally. Curtis, Goldberg, Cyndi, Holly and Sharon also got their shares.

Now we're back in the past (this timeline is so confusing), where Bret's looking like a shrimp next to Darryl, and still freaking out about not having a dolly for his video shoots. He decides to use a stool on wheels instead, and says he's a rock 'n' roll MacGyver. The live audience loves it. He talks passionately about how much he wants to find a cure for diabetes, especially now that his daughter's borderline diabetic. He's multitasking, leading Summer and Darryl, helping dress the models (including Darryl), helping with the ad. Darryl thinks people don't give Bret enough credit for how creative he is, and he thinks Bret really pulled it all together. After Bret cuts on the commercial, Ivanka comes in looking glamorous, and they tell her what they're doing. She isn't sure why he'd do two commercials instead of focusing on one great concept. She says we'll see if it was time well-spent.

Holly's team. She's already sending Maria to the edit bay. Because it went so well the last time Holly put Maria in charge of editing video. But Maria goes, saying her whole job is to be supportive. After she leaves, Ivanka shows up to spy on Holly and Curtis. Holly demonstrates her PowerPoint and then tells Ivanka about their commercial, which she says is funny. Ivanka thinks Holly's team seems calmer, but may have played it too safe. We'll have to see about that, too, of course. Holly says autism's a global epidemic. Back with Bret, he has to get to the edit facility, so he leaves Summer and Darryl behind to finish the PowerPoint and three-page ad layout. Bret felt like he was forgetting something when he left, and sure enough, he left the commercial voiceover script behind. We pan out to the live audience, where Trump tells us there's a big night planned: All of our favorite celebrities will be here. Okay, well, probably just the ones from this show, to be fair. And Cyndi will perform.

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