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May The Best Woman Win

Annie's decided to use the frames to show videos from Darfur, to integrate the frames and the charity. She tells Tom she has the time codes for what needs to be cut out of the video. Tom shot the video off the computer screen and then loaded it into the frame. He says this is basically what he's been doing his whole career: shoot stuff with little video cameras. Annie's soon standing over him lecturing him for shooting the whole thing instead of cutting out the stuff she wanted. They disagree on what time codes she gave him. She takes the computer and walks off, saying she hates it when people don't listen. Then she interviews that Tom's a sensitive dude, because she can't tell him how much he sucks or he gets his nose out of joint. But she doesn't know what else she could have done, since he was her last pick. Well, you know, Melissa was still there, and she's actually good. But whatever. Tom heads to Dennis to vent about Annie. Annie's saying no wonder Tom got fired. Tom's venting about her. He tells her to watch the video; it's perfect. He says it's what he does: videos. He says he's not going to tell her how to play poker. He says she doesn't trust and is condescending. She watches the video and says it's fine and thanks him. Dennis laughs.

Joan comes in and sees all of the picture frames of Clint and thinks it looks like they're pushing him too much. She thinks it looks like a line-up, and it is actually pretty hilarious to see so many frames of Clint. She says it became the Clint Black show. She orders every third one to be taken away, because it can't be about him. She says if Clint went to a bar, he'd pick up himself. Then she realizes she should have had Gods Love We Deliver people describing the product. She smacks herself on the head and says she's stupid. Uh, is it too late to do that? The impersonators show up: Two Lizas, Carol Channing, Cher, Joan Rivers. Melissa says no one can put on a better event than her mother. Annie's trying, though, bossing Tom around. She wants him to take care of the Celebrity Apprentice frame, and she and Brande will do the rest. Joan thinks they're in good shape. She says losing the planner made it an insane challenge, but the room had come together wonderfully. When you enter Joan's party, by the way, you walk through a Kodak picture frame, which is a really cool idea. Joan thanks everybody for killing themselves. Everyone claps. Joan thinks this is an incredible display of God's Love.

Annie's freaking out, so Tom asks if they can dust off chairs or something. Brande tells them just to look pretty. Annie was trying to accomplish something really classy, like silent auctions should be. Tom makes a "stool sample" joke. Annie yells, "I need..." followed by anything that you can possibly think of, over and over. "I need help." "I need power." She thinks it looks amazing, and then she asks everyone who isn't part of the party to leave because they're opening the doors. It's showtime. And we're back with live Trump. He says this is why he picked these two for the final. And that this should be the biggest night in Apprentice history. Commercial.

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