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May The Best Woman Win

Gods Love We Deliver volunteers, and the board comes down to help Joan. She calls herself the Jewish Martha Stewart. She's "Joan RosenStewart." Joan says this way of planning is so grassroots and exciting, and they're back in the ballgame. Joan sits down with her team to see where they are on a lot of things: The celebrities are all backing out, so they have no one. Herschel's working on getting Usher, and says maybe he could get someone who looks just like him. Joan thinks Herschel's smart to get impersonators. She gets Bette, Cher, Barbra. She would also like a Donald Trump. Annie's meeting with her planner or someone and telling her how much she hates Joan. Apparently this is Sarah, an amazing designer with her own warehouse. She also got her friend Tony, and another friend who's a designer. Annie feels like they can get everything done now. She says people are coming in and rescuing her. She tells them all how amazing they are when you put out a cry for help. Emotional music as Annie hugs them. I just can't bring myself to get choked up about it, though. Maybe something's wrong with me. Or not.

Annie's friends are playing poker and discussing Annie, and why she'll win. There's no way she's losing to Joan, since she can beat the world's best poker players. They love everything about her. We're back with Trump, who says that group loves Annie, but Joan doesn't. Back to the task. It's morning in New York. Annie is telling Tom that she has respect for someone who's been in the business for as long as Joan, but she's not nice. Tom thinks Joan's just joking, but Annie says he hasn't been here since the third week. He sort of blows Annie off, and just keeps saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah," and "Anyway," and "Really," and "That's a joke." I love Tom. He tells Annie's it's a badge of honor to get pissed off by a legend of comedy like Joan. He says Joan really got under Annie's skin, because all she does is talk about Joan.

In Joan's van, she's calling a friend who knows every impersonator in New York, but his mother has just died. She tells him she's terribly sorry about his mother, but she needs a favor. She's laughing as she asks it, and then he starts cracking up and tells her it's the best call he could have gotten right now. She's calling while the minister is speaking. He says it's the funniest thing in the world, and he'll get someone on it right away. Joan gets off the phone and says she knew he would laugh. They head to their room, which is being decorated as the silent auction goods start arriving: custom dresses, Brett Favre jersey, jewelry. Melissa says the hardest thing for her is that she would like to buy some of it. Clint is recording video for the auction items. Herschel's recording him. They're using the digital frames with his recordings with each auction item. Melissa and Joan are putting together the photo montage of things people share, so they've integrated the product and brand into the party.

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