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May The Best Woman Win

Annie, meanwhile, can't get her event planner to answer the phone so she goes to sign the contract at the design firm. They go up to the event planner's floor, and they come out and tell Annie to leave. They're not engaging in conversation. Brande and Annie are totally confused. Annie has the cameras leave and talks to the planner privately. Brande's freaking out, and hoping they'll be okay. Annie comes out and says the other team didn't like the planner, so the event company quit. Brande wonders if because they won't work with Joan, they also won't work with them, and Annie says that's apparently true. Annie explains that the designer assigned to Joan was David, the owner of the firm, and that she offended him so much he wouldn't be associated with Celebrity Apprentice at all. Brande says it's not fair, and Annie says of course it isn't. So now they have to start over with their raw space. It's after 5 p.m. on a Friday, so they can't find a new event planner or vendor. Annie says it's a disaster, so she could possibly lose. She's calling everyone she knows who might be able to help her get the space in order by the next day. More commercials.

Back at the live show, Trump introduces George, and asks him what he thinks so far. George says that they've never had anything like this before in eight seasons. He says Annie goes after Joan and Joan goes after all of Vegas and every gambler. He tells Trump he's glad it's his decision and not his. Trump brings us back to the task. Annie and Brande are making phone calls to get help putting the event together. Annie can't believe that because Joan doesn't know how to treat other people that she became collateral damage. She says it was a war before, but now she's going to crush Joan like nothing we've ever seen. The audience claps. We keep hearing Annie make the same phone call, asking more and more people for help by telling them how terrible Joan Rivers is. I'm sort of sick of hearing the words "Joan Rivers." She finally finds someone who does events and owns her own rentals and equipment. Annie says the only thing she has going for her is she "like, literally knows everyone on Earth." She says Joan needs to die. That might be a bit harsh.

Joan takes a different tactic by going to Gods Love We Deliver, and asking them who they use. They have an events team, who they'll get over to help. She calls her charity events team down, because they're fantastic and gay, to help her. Then someone named Anita calls and she asks her to come help. She says she has nothing, and is desperate. Brande and Annie so far only have three celebrities coming, because all of their celebrity friends are in Los Angeles, and can't drop things and fly to New York at the last minute. Tom and Dennis come back and Tom says he has some calls out for celebrities to show up. He says they didn't sell all of their tickets, so they'll go break it to Annie. Tom and Dennis are kidding; they sold all the tickets. Annie hugs them and is totally relieved.

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