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May The Best Woman Win

Ivanka gets her own talk-to-the-camera Trump moment, in which she tells us that Annie and Joan's charities have received amazing exposure, and that NBC has also filmed ten-second "More You Know" spots for the charities. We see Joan filming hers, and the Annie filming hers. The live audience applauds them both. Ivanka says Joan and Annie have raised a lot for charity, but there's another $250,000 on the line, which brings us back to the task.

Melissa and Herschel are taking pictures to use in the digital frame, since they've sold all of the tickets to Herschel's friend. Melissa wants to incorporate Easy Share, so looks around for people sharing different things: kisses, even a wedding. Melissa says they had a lot of Kodak moments. Annie's on the phone with her event planner, who she thinks has been amazing. It's sort of not fair that they gave Joan the sucky event planner, is it? Annie asks Brande where they are on their auction, and Brande tells her. Brande says they called in every favor from every celebrity they know. They are working on celebrity experiences, in addition to standard auction items. Brande says the other team could not have come up with the kind of auction items they're coming up with. Back at Joan's war room, someone calls to tell Joan they can do the draping in red. Joan wonders if it will be too red. But it's the only color other than white. She thinks this is a mess. Joan wants David to work with one of her designer friends, because she doesn't like this at all. She says she has no handle on anything, because her planner sucks. So she calls her friends and asks them to come in and help. Commercial.

Trump welcomes us back live, and then tells us how vicious the task is going to get. Joan's war room. She asks Clint what he's doing. He's just on e-mail. Joan's planner calls her again, and she is unhappy with all of his ideas. She says he didn't know how to handle this job, because it's beyond what he's used to doing. She tells him she wants drama, and the planner tells her they have less than 12 hours. She says she knows that, but they can do something wonderful. She tells him she wants her friend involved, and he says he's doing the best he can with this timeframe. She says it sounds very ordinary, and he says it's not doable to make such a transformation on "quick notice." Joan's horrified, because she knows he's phoning it in. She gets another call and says it's not fair. Then "Fine!" She tells Clint the event planner quit. He asks what about Annie, but Joan doesn't care.

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