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May The Best Woman Win

Trump's walking through the museum again, talking about teamwork. He says a team's only as strong as its weakest link. Uh-oh. Dennis and Tom are headed out to the streets of Manhattan to sell 80 tickets to Cirque du Soleil. They're shouting from the rooftop of the double-decker bus. Then they're on the street trying to sell to people. Tom asks people to get on the bus, which he says is a creepy proposition. He says asking young women to get on the bus is the kind of thing that happens on the Internet, but it's not to sell tickets to Cirque du Soleil. Tom tells Dennis he's thinking they should go get a drink, but Dennis tells the camera Tom didn't mean that. Melissa and Herschel are heading toward Times Square to sell their tickets in an area that's famous for selling discount Broadway tickets. Herschel calls a friend who likes to help charity, so he calls and asks him to buy all the tickets. The guy agrees to do it. Melissa credits Herschel for being so smart, since they now have all the tickets paid for and can just hand them out on the street for free. Melissa says giving them the tickets is in line with the Kodak VIP treatment thing, and it saved them a ton of time. Meanwhile, Tom is still trying hard to sell, but mostly trying to be funny. He says they want Annie to win, but they also like being out here not getting yelled at. Tom almost gets hit by a traffic light, and then says it would be "comedy gold" if that were to happen. He keeps dodging trees and signs.

Don and Ivanka check in on Joan and Clint. Ivanka asks how Herschel's doing on fund-raising. She says she trusts him. They ask how they're doing on the celebrity front, and Joan lists some celebrities who are showing up: Kyle MacLachlan, Kathy Griffin, Matthew Modine, etc. Ivanka reminds Joan to have people there who will bid on and buy the silent auction items, too. Joan says Ivanka's reminder helped her remember that they have to get a lot of people and a lot of celebrities in. Clint jokes that their advantage is they've secured tickets to Cirque du Soleil. No one laughs, because... it's not funny. Annie and Brande are now being checked up on by the young Trumps. Annie's on the phone. She tells them it's a lot, but she'll walk them around and show them what they're doing. They're branding Wintuk, Refugees International and Kodak. You know, like they're supposed to. They're draping the ceiling in blue and then having clouds. Ivanka seems to like the ideas. Annie thinks Ivanka think she's a designer. She gives them every detail, and says it's a big task before tomorrow. They wish her luck, and leave. Back at Joan's war room, her planner calls. He wants to drape the room in white material, but Joan doesn't want white. She wants colors. He wants white lounge furniture, and Joan's horrified. She tells him she doesn't like it, so he says he'll keep working on it. She thinks she's in major trouble.

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