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May The Best Woman Win

Announcer guy welcomes us back, and Jim Cramer annoys us with a mock Mad Money analysis of Annie and Joan. If he were willing to take risk with his money, he'd give it to Annie. But people are looking for someone they can trust, which is where he turns to Joan, to invest in the long haul. He says Annie is all business and Joan is all heart, almost to a fault. He says Trump has a tough decision on his hands. People clap, and Trump tells Jim that was good advice. Then he sends us back to the task, thank God. Annie's asking people for money. She gets off the phone after getting $2,000 from one of her friends. Then she asks Brande where she is on money. Brande says five people are coming for sure with money. Annie calls Perry Friedman, and tells him she is playing against Joan and wants to humiliate her. She uses Joan having called poker players white trash to get all of her poker friends to donate. Perry commits to $20,000. Tom interviews that Annie really wants money, so he was trying, because he's scared of Annie.

Joan's on the phone asking someone to help her, saying that it's between her and "the biggest piece of shit in the world" (the audience laughs). Melissa says they have Knicks and Jets tickets already for the auction. Clint's on the phone, too, so maybe he is actually asking people for stuff. Herschel's asking people for auction donations. Joan says they're getting wonderful things for the silent auction, but the pressure to produce is incredible. Herschel asks what Clint's doing. Joan says she doesn't know. She says he's on the phone, but not too excited. We hear him ask who he's talking to if he's played any golf. Joan's very annoyed. Melissa says that Clint wanted to sit this one out, which became a problem right away. Joan says Clint's like dead weight, and he's doing nothing. Melissa: "You picked him."

Back in Annie's war room, she's meeting with the event planner. They have to turn their halves of this room into magic. Joan tells her event planner she'd like to make this disaster of a room new, exciting, and bright. He says he wants them to do something that will capture attention right away. Joan points out where the competition is, and her planner says, "So the loser is over there." Joan likes this. Annie and Brande are with their event planner, as Dennis and Tom sit and watch. Dennis tells her to let them know if they can help, and Tom tells Dennis Annie's good at getting angry at people. What a fine quality. Dennis agrees that she's tripping, and she wants to run everything. Tom asks Dennis if he wants to go make suggestions, because he thinks it's funny to watch her not listen to them. Dennis tells Tom to go ahead. Tom thinks there's a way to manage creative people positively, which he thinks will be better for the team. Tom stands there and cracks wise as Annie talks about an "invisible wire." He asks how they'll find it, since it's invisible. Dennis says Tom's the comedian, and he's really just the sidekick. He says it was funny, because they can't do anything to them since they've been fired. Annie gets a call and Dennis pretends it's him calling. The audience finds it hysterical, and I have to admit I do, too. Remember that Trump asked Annie if she'd be able to lead, since people tend not to like her. This is sort of proving that to be true. Joan tells her event planner she wants it to be all about Kodak and Cirque du Soleil, not about her personality. Melissa says her mom's great at planning parties, but she's used to working with her people. Unfortunately, this planner isn't getting it. He says the room needs a major transformation. Well, I think they at least agree on that.

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