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May The Best Woman Win

Melissa's happy with Joan's team, but would have rather had Tom or Dennis than Clint. But she thinks it's a strong team. Joan's on the phone telling someone she needs their help to beat Annie. She says you're damn right she's going to duke it out. Pun intended, I'm sure. Annie's team. Tom thinks it's a strong team, and Annie tells Dennis he was unfairly fired. Dennis and Tom are friends, so they all think they'll win. Annie asks the guys to get the ticket stuff done. She also asks them to do the frame. Annie wants to raise a half-million dollars to crush Joan. She says she wants to beat her with an exclamation point. She asks Dennis if he has money to bring in, but he hems and haws. He finally says he's on her team. Not exactly a yes. She's hoping he comes through, because it's a do-or-die task.

Annie's war room. Dennis tells her she picked the right guy. He gives her $20,000 from the Detroit Pistons and the Los Angeles Lakers. Annie's impressed that the first money came from Dennis. Joan's war room: Kodak executive Jeff enters and tells them what the company's philosophy is about. He says it's about pictures and unique events. He wants them to make sure people feel like a celebrity, and have an actual Kodak moment. He tells them they're holding his brand in their hands, so to please be careful with it. Then he's telling Annie's team about the digital frame. He tells Dennis if he has different girlfriends, he can put on different video shows. Tom keeps interrupting the executive, and Annie asks them to please let Jeff finish talking. I would say it seems like Tom's sabotaging Annie, except that this is how he acted originally, too. Annie stops him again, and then Tom says that Annie's style probably wouldn't actually work in the real world because everyone would quit.

Joan's running through the "sections": auctions, straight money, celebrities, pictures. Clint interviews that this task is too much for four people, so he's glad he's not project manager. Joan has Herschel working on raising money. Clint says he can't raise any more, because he wore his donors out on his last go-round. Joan doesn't push. She asks him if there's anyone he can call to come down. He says he has no one in New York in his Rolodex. Herschel says Clint immediately told them he can't get money or celebrity friends, so why is he here. Joan asks if Clint wants to be in charge of getting things for the silent auction, and he's all, "Uh, okay, I can do that." Joan says Clint doesn't want to do anything, so she felt like they were on a three-man team. We go to commercial as the announcer tells us to follow the contestants on Twitter.

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