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May The Best Woman Win

Next day, they're lined up in front of Trump and his entourage of Don, Ivanka and some random executive type. He welcomes them to 2 Times Square, and asks Joan how she feels about Annie being her opponent. She ignores the question, and the audience laughs. Joan then says she thinks Annie's smart. Trump says this is a big task, so he's giving them extra help. In walk Brande, Tom, Melissa, Herschel and Clint. And then the dramatic entrance: Dennis. Trump asks him how he's doing, and he says he's feeling good. Both ladies want the first pick, so Trump flips a coin. Annie chooses heads and then chooses Brande. They hug, and Joan chooses Herschel. She says she chose him first because he's smart, a worker, and has connections. Melissa says she's not at all insulted, and then explains she and her mother had a strategy, because they knew Annie would not pick Melissa, so her mom's going to pick her last. Annie chooses Dennis next. He tells us he came back to redeem himself and raise money for charity. Joan chooses Clint, because she says you know what you get with him and he can bring in money. Annie chooses Tom, and Melissa goes to her mom.

Trump tells them the task is a VIP auction, with silent auctions, so they need celebrities to donate things for them to auction off. They're going to be working with Kodak and Cirque du Soleil. Trump introduces his entourage: Jeff from Kodak is on his right. He wants them to create a limited-edition Celebrity Apprentice picture frame. He says it should be about the head of the household: mom. Trump says they're also selling tickets to Cirque du Soleil's new show, Wintuk. He says everyone wants to go (so selling shouldn't be hard, right?), and that they'll be selling them at face value to people on the street. Trump says money won't be the sole criteria for winning. He tells Annie if she raises the most money, it will help, but won't be the sole criteria. Ivanka tells them they'll be judged on money raised, Kodak product integration, charity integration, celebrity attendance, and overall guest experience. Trump says it's one giant party split into two sections. And they'll both be using the same event planning company. There are two Kodak double-decker buses waiting for them, because that's where they'll sell their tickets. Live Trump takes us to commercial.

We're back live, as Trump welcomes the first group of celebrities: Andrew Dice Clay, Scott Hamilton, Claudia Jordan, Brian McKnight and Jesse James. Trump asks Dice how he felt about getting fired first, and Dice say he's had the best year of his life. Trump is rushing Dice, and then moves on to Scott. Scott says he's perfect, and it's been great. He praises Trump for what he does with figure skating in Harlem, but that firing him early was the best thing he's ever done. Trump tells Jesse he was very popular on the show. Jesse's all, "Is this live?" Trump calls Jesse a stud, and Jesse says, "You like me that way?" He then says it was great, and he learned a lot. He thinks Dennis was awesome. Trump asks Brian if he had a good time. Brian did. Trump asks Claudia if this beats "Deal No Deal" [sic]. Trump cuts her off and moves on to the final task.

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