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May The Best Woman Win

Trump asks Annie if she dislikes Joan, and Joan says she does. Trump asks to let Annie answer, so Joan throws her hands up. Annie says she can't believe that Joan would be allowed to say the things she has said in the boardroom. She says that in a real boardroom, Joan would have to be fired or that would be actionable. Joan says she's run a business for 20 years, honorably, and has never fired anybody. She also says she says to people's faces how she feels about them, just like Trump, which she thinks is honorable. She says Annie's two-faced. She said she hopes Joan will die and called her a cancer, but would never say it to her face. Trump says that is true, and asks what the difference is. Joan asks Annie to say it to her face. Annie says she only said that after Joan caused the designer to quit. Because, you know, that warrants death. Annie says that she sat here for six boardrooms and "acted professional." Joan awesomely says, "Professional-LY." She totally just corrected Annie's grammar. Okay, it's official. I love Joan. Annie says there's only so much a girl can take. Joan says, "You're not a girl anymore, darling. You're a woman." Trump sends us to another commercial saying it's not going to be an easy decision.

Trump asks Ivanka what she thinks. She says it's a challenging decision, because Annie played the game really well, very cool, and raised a lot of money. But Ivanka admires Joan's tenacity so much, and thinks she's incredible and a great role model. Don agrees that they're both good. He says Joan has stamina and energy like he's never seen, but as a business person, he respects that Annie lives and breathes games theory with no emotion. I'm not sure that's a selling point. Trump says that a lot of money has been raised, and $250,000 more will go to one of their charities with his decision. Because we haven't been told that 700 times already. He tells Annie she's been tough, smart, and about as ruthless as you can get. He congratulates her on everything and says it's been really amazing. He thinks Joan would be the first to admit it. She acknowledges she would like to take Annie to a sale at Gucci, because she'd just go through it. I'm not sure what that means, but whatever. Trump turns to Joan and says her strength and energy is amazing. He says she really is a role model, and he has to tell her that Annie... is fired. And the way he did that totally got Annie hopeful. He congratulates Joan, and tells her great job. Then he bids everyone good night and says he'll see them next season. "Money, money, money." Joan gives Melissa a big hug. And it's all over, folks. Until next season.

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