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May The Best Woman Win

Trump welcomes two guys who know a lot about charity: last year's winner, Piers; and the man he beat, Trace Adkins. Trump says he's a huge country star, thanks to The Apprentice. Riiiiight. It was because of this show. Piers tells Annie and Joan that Trace is actually quite pleased to see him, so they might come back together, too, at some point. Piers says the greatest thing is the ongoing effect this has on the charities. He talks about how the money he raised for Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund helped the organization, and says that $60 million has come in from people who watched the show. Trace says he can't describe what an impact the show has had on his charity, the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, which has put the money to good use and helped legislation pass. Trump asks Trace if he'd choose Annie or Joan to win. Trace says he has played some dangerous hands of poker himself, so he would take Joan. He says no one got out of this unscathed, and everyone's had bad moments. He says Annie's a smart lady who played the game great, but Joan has the charitable thing that puts a frog in your throat. Piers says he thinks they're both great, but the boardroom seems to have declared a winner because there were five criteria and Joan won three of them. He says Annie's been his favorite, but it seems that Joan's the Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump's ready to get down to business with Joan and Annie, so he darkens the room. He asks Joan why he should pick her. She says she thinks she represents winning and business in the new way that this country is taking on, which is being honorable. She also is proud that she's represented getting money for charity. She says she didn't raise as much money as Annie, but she raised money and awareness. I have to say Joan's been a lot better about selling her charity than Annie has. You can tell it means the world to her, where it sort of feels like Annie just chose a charity that she thinks is good, not like it's something she's been part of and worked with for years. Trump asks Annie why he should pick her. She asks what the game's about. She says if it's about raising the most money, winning challenges or winning tasks. She says on all counts, she did better. He points out she lost the last task, which was a biggie. She says Joan caused the designer to go away. The audience starts booing. Annie says Joan lied in the boardroom about it, too, and Trump asks isn't that what Annie's done the whole time. Joan interrupts and Annie calls her out on doing that every time. Joan: "You're damn right!" Annie asks if Trump's going to let Joan tell him when Annie can speak. She says her friends came through and Joan's didn't, which says a lot about her. Trump says to Joan that she really dislikes Annie. She says that's right, she doesn't like her. Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Trump.

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