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May The Best Woman Win

Trump welcomes Annie, who used her aggressive professional skills to catapult herself into the finals. He welcomes Joan, who surprised everyone with her energy at age, which is 75. He says she's been spectacular. Joan taps Annie on the shoulder on the way by her. Trump asks Joan how she got into this mess, and if she's glad she did it. She says she is, because her charity's now known all over the world. Annie says she's happy she did it, too, and so is Refugees International. Annie also came away with some amazing friends. Trump asks Melissa if she hates Annie. Melissa says she doesn't; she has respect for Annie and how she played the game, but she loves her mother. She's thrilled for both charities, but is really proud of her mother. The crowd goes wild. Trump says Brande became very close to Annie, and asks if she could have beaten her. Brande says she guesses we'll never know. Annie says if anyone could beat Annie, it's Brande. Trump asks Clint who he would choose to fire if he were him. Clint says, "your editor," and everyone laughs. Clint says that he's happy he doesn't have to decide, but Trump doesn't like the answer.

Jesse says that because workman's comp is so high, he'd probably hire Annie. He says they're both great, but two different kinds of people. Trump asks Dennis who he'd hire, and he says he has to go with his girl, Joan. Trump asks Scott who he'd "do," and the audience laughs. Trump says it might not have come out exactly right, but Scott gets the point. Scott thinks that coming back to skating after years has shown him how strong Joan is, so he chooses her. We get a commercial break and then a close look at the charities: Gods Love We Deliver is a small, grass-roots organization that serves meals to patients who need them. It started out for AIDS patients but has expanded. Joan says 3,000 doorbells are rung and meals and love are given out to these people. Joan delivers meals. She says the connection is more important than the meal. She comes away thanking God for letting her be part of this. She say what sets it apart is the number of volunteers. They also put up tiles of their friends who died of AIDS. Joan points out her friend who died, and she cries and says it's why she loves this charity. She cries as she says it's an incredibly magical place, and she wants the money so badly for them.

Refugees International: Annie describes it as people who don't have food, water or shelter. Refugees International tries to get governments to stand up for these people. She says this isn't just about people in Africa, but also about people separated from their families because of the war in Iraq. Annie meets with a refugee named Allah, who describes how dangerous it was in Iraq. She couldn't bring her sons with her. Annie starts crying, because she has four children. Allah is trying to get visas for her two sons, but still couldn't get them. Refugees International offered to help her, and within two weeks, the visas for her children were ready. She says if it weren't for Refugees International, she might not have seen her children again. Annie says these people don't have a choice, and Refugees International helps them get back to a place where they do, which is why they're playing for them. Allah and her children are in the audience.

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