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May The Best Woman Win

Back in the boardroom, Trump asks Annie if the designer was overwhelmed. He says she can't blame that on Joan. Annie says she's just telling them what the designer said. Brande pipes up in Annie's defense, which is totally shocking, right? Joan says all of Annie's money is mafia money, and Annie says she doesn't know anyone in the mafia. Trump says she doesn't actually know that. Annie and Joan talk over each other, until Ivanka steps in to ask how Joan created her space without the decorator. She says she got great compliments for her branding. They ask who did her space, and she gets emotional as she says it was all the guys from Gods Love We Deliver -- all volunteers. Trump tells Annie she's met a lot of people, and she can read them, but that Joan's been hard for her to read. She says Joan's a very different person than she is. Joan: "Thank God." Dennis starts laughing, and says he loves this. Don and Ivanka are laughing, too. Trump asks Annie how she decorated her space, and she starts to again say that the designer quit because of Joan, when Don's like, "Answer the question, which is actually a good story."

She continues to say Joan made her designer quit, and it turns into another fight between the two of them. Joan attacks Annie some more and then says she wants to win with honor. Annie says she hasn't personally attacked anyone in the boardroom. Which is true. She has the poker face totally down. Annie says Joan has attacked her in every boardroom since the middle of the season. Joan suggests they find out who won or lost, because she doesn't want to sit here and hear this anymore. Trump says the good news is tremendous amounts of money have been raised for charity. He asks Ivanka how Joan's team did in terms of dollars: $150,830. Annie says that's pretty good. Don says Annie's team raised $465,725. Joan says that's fabulous, and it goes to charity. Don says Annie did a great job on charity integration, which he didn't see from Joan's side. Ivanka says the celebrities, Kodak integration, and overall experience were all won by Joan. They felt Joan's celebrities were more prominent, and that her party was better attended. And Jeff from Kodak though Joan had better branding. Trump thanks the celebrities and sends them all out, except Joan and Annie.

Live Trump introduces the firees who had the guts to come back and help: Herschel, Clint, Melissa, Tom, Brande and Dennis. Trump asks Dennis how he's doing, and he says he's doing well, and is thankful that he's living and breathing. Trump asks if Dennis has hard feelings toward Jesse, and Dennis says he didn't like that he told him he had a problem. Dennis says he did have a problem, but he didn't like Jesse bringing that up, especially since Jesse kept lying that none of his friends have money when his wife makes $20 million a movie. Jesse tells Dennis if he weren't so stupid, he would know that the only reason he said anything to him was because he cares about him. Awww. Trump says you don't call people you care about stupid. Trump asks Melissa if she feels she embarrassed herself by having a meltdown. She says no, that it wasn't in the boardroom. Trump says it was pretty bad. She says it was raw and emotional, and didn't have to do with her firing. Trump says it wasn't her best moment, and asks Brande what she thinks. She says she and her friends call each other "whore pit vipers" now, and that there are no hard feelings. Trump asks Claudia what she thought of Melissa. Claudia says the meltdown was embarrassing for her and her mom, that it was a bad way to go out. Trump tells Clint he took a lot of abuse, but was a star and didn't get credit for it. Then he thanks Kodak, who's supplying all of the charities with printers and cameras and everything else an office needs.

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