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May The Best Woman Win

Back with live Trump. He tells us the boardroom had everything this season: tears, fights, everything. But he says this one will be one for the history books. It will be amazing. Joan, Annie and their teams head to the boardroom, where Ivanka and Don are waiting. Trump enters. He says that everyone in the room is a winner, and that's why they were chosen. He tells Dennis he's proud of him for coming back and being "very solid." He says Dennis redeemed himself, which he's been doing his whole life. Trump asks how Joan's team was. She says it was interesting, and they got it done. Trump asks Melissa if she was proud of her mother, and she says she was. He tells her he didn't like how she went nuts after she was fired (Brande and Annie smile at each other). He asks why she took such a tough stand. Melissa says she got angry because she was faced with lies and deceit. Trump calls Brande "beautiful Brande," proving that he fired Melissa for not being as pretty. Trump asks whose idea it was to use the impersonators because some of them gave him the creeps. She says it was Herschel's idea.

Annie thinks she raised a lot of money, and when Trump asks if it came from gamblers, she says they don't gamble. They play poker. Trump points out that's gambling, isn't it? She says less than the stock market, which Trump says is a total gamble. Trump asks Dennis how Annie was as a leader. He says it was a good opportunity for her to shine, and she came through with flying colors. Trump asks if he's surprised she wanted him on her team. He says no, because she's a gambler. She was happy with Dennis, and he says Annie was a good leader. Trump thinks Dennis did himself a lot of good for coming back. He thanks everyone for giving him support. Trump asks what Tom thinks of Annie as a leader. He says she's a good leader, and knew what she wanted to do. He says her fund-raising is incredible. Ivanka reminds them that's only one-fifth of the criteria, and asks if he thinks their team won, based on celebrity and guest satisfaction. Tom thinks they could have won; he was mostly impressed with the money Annie and Dennis brought in. Tom's glad he came back, and Trump is, too.

Trump says he heard Annie had a problem with her decorator. She says she didn't, but her decorator quit through no fault of her own, because they were not happy with Joan. Joan says this is a total lie, but Annie says that's what she was told. Trump asks what Joan had to do with her decorator, and Annie doesn't know because she wasn't in the room. She just knows that David had forced them to quit the show because of Joan. Ivanka asks Joan if David worked with her, and she says they met once, but doesn't really answer the question. Instead she says "this" (meaning Annie or what Annie's saying) is disgusting, and is everything she doesn't believe in after living her life with honor. Joan doesn't believe that what Annie's saying is true. She says she will not be berated by this character, and Annie says she's not berating her. Which, she's actually not. Joan tells her to stop it and says, "How dare you!" Applause from the live audience as we head to commercial.

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