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May The Best Woman Win

Joan's drag queen friends get ready in a dressing room and talk about how much they love Joan. They think she better beat Annie. They think Joan has it all, and wears as much makeup as them. Trump has no response to that, so sends us back to the task. Dramatic music plays as the Kodak buses pull up filled with people. Lots of cameras. The Joan impersonator interviews people on Joan's red carpet. Dennis and Tom come in, and Dennis is dressed in drag. So there's drag on both sides. Everyone wants their picture taken with Dennis. Annie's people are bidding. She thinks the room looked very sophisticated, and high-end. She introduces celebrities: Bernard Hopkins, Oksana Baiul, Joe Frazier, and a bunch of poker players. Brande talks about how great Annie did, and how this was her moment to shine. Dennis thinks the party could have been a lot more extravagant, but Annie wanted everything her way. He says it was just networking. Cirque du Soleil characters show up to interact.

Back at Joan's party, the Cirque du Soleil characters are there, too. Joan says Annie has people with cash stuck in their shoes, and she doesn't have those people, so she had to win in other ways, like with celebrities: Kyle MacLachlan shows up, as does Kathy Griffin. And Tom Wopat. Constantine Mouralis. Joan says this is the type of silent auction she'd like to go to, where the real celebrities are being photographed with people, and so are the impersonators. Melissa says the energy was great; it wasn't sophisticated or chic, but very fun -- and that there are people there with their kids. Joan wanted people to be able to afford some of what's at the auction. Trump and Ivanka show up. They talk to the Joan impersonator, and then to Dennis in drag. They enter Joan's party first, and see Kathy Griffin, Tom Wopat and the cast of Chicago. Ivanka thinks it looks good. Trump tells Joan he's proud of her. Herschel tells Ivanka he thinks it turned out well. Then Trump and his spawn head to the other party. He greets the boxers. Annie tells Trump she thinks she did well, and that Dennis did a good job. Annie tells everyone there's about ten minutes left. Joan wants a bid on everything.

The Kodak executive shows up and tells Joan she did a nice job. Melissa shows him around, and he's impressed with Melissa's frame and everything else. Then he heads to Annie's, and she explains things to him. He says it was great to use the frames to tell about the charity. Annie calls for final bids. Clint thinks it's great to see all the bids. Joan gets a $50,000 donation from someone who had two uncles die from AIDS. She cries about how incredible this party was, and how proud she is, and how it put her charity into a whole different league, so she's won either way. After the party, everyone gets into the buses to go to Wintuk. Team Annie is cheering her on. She's very happy with her experience, because it's amazing to know how people will come to the mat when she needs them. Tom escorts Brande and Annie to the show, which Brande says was surreal and a nice way to end the competition. Tom says it was a relief for all of them to watch the show together and let off a little steam, knowing the competition is over. Joan loves the show, and the whole event was amazing for her. Commercials.

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