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Previously: Trump sent Jesse to work with KOTU. On Athena, Melissa felt like Brande and Annie were ganging up on her, because ... they were. Jesse hated Clint, and called him stupid. But Clint and KOTU won in the boardroom, and Annie and Brande both wanted Melissa fired. Trump agreed, and Melissa went nutso. Joan jumped to her defense, and then walked off with her. We end the previouslies with Melissa saying "Lying [bleep] whores," but it almost sounds like "horse," and then we cut to a horse and carriage in Central Park. Nice one, show.

Brande and Annie are still amazed at what just happened. They think tomorrow's going to be ugly. Brande asks the camera if she's such a dumb blonde, why is she still here and Melissa gone. (Um, because the person making the decisions is obsessed with Playmates?) Brande thinks Melissa is a dumb brunette. Yeah, that just doesn't sound as insulting. Brande wonders if Joan's coming back, and Jesse sulks that she's not. Annie and Brande talk about how personal Joan and Melissa make everything. Jesse sits and smiles as he texts someone. Brande really hopes Joan comes back, because she would love to beat her in this game. All of a sudden, Brande wants to win. She says, "Game on." And then our "Money, money, money" song starts. Man, I miss the simple annoyances of Tom Green and Scott Hamilton.

Clint gets to give money to his charity, in case we had forgotten this show actually has a positive element (I sort of had). His charity is International Rett Syndrome Foundation. He gets emotional in front of a fancy phone as his voiceover tells us Rett Syndrome is a disease that killed his niece. He calls his brother, Kevin Black, who's actually just outside the door, hiding from Clint. He walks inside, and they hug. Clint says he's been missing family. Clint explains that he won the task, so he didn't get fired, and the really good news is his $20,000 check for the foundation. Kevin gets emotional as Clint explains that Kevin's daughter was diagnosed when she was two and died when she was sixteen. Kevin gets choked up as he says this money might help find a cure. They hug. It's very touching, but let's move back to the drama, shall we?

Brande, Anne, Jesse, and Clint line up outside the boardroom to find out what their task is. Joan's not there. Everyone wonders if she's coming back, except Jesse, who doesn't think she is. Then we get dramatic music as the elevator opens and Joan walks in. She says her taxi was late, and Trump asks how she is. She says fine, and he calls her a pro. Joan tells us that her team shouldn't suffer because of something personal, so she came back to win. Trump says it's not easy for her, because if someone did something to Ivanka or Don ... well, he gets it. Annie's not surprised Joan's back, because she thinks Joan is full of shit. She says there's a reason Joan got fired from the TV Guide Channel: because she's a complete bitch. On to the task: Today they'll be working with one of Trump's favorite brands, Chicken of the Sea. Why do I not believe that's true? He says it's one of the largest seafood companies in the world. They're working with executives John and Mike, who introduce the task. They've had the same jingle for fifty years, and would like the teams to write them a new one. Brande and Annie start whispering about how KOTU has Clint, and then Brande interviews that they can't compete with a Grammy winner. She finishes strong: "Holy S-R-A-P." She does catch herself and correct her spelling of crap, but then she starts swearing about how she was going to say shit, but then she didn't. She is so not a dumb blonde, y'all. The teams must use some lyrics from the old jingle, and they also will create a thirty-second radio commercial. They'll present both tomorrow. Don and Ivanka will be Trump's eyes and ears. Brande and Annie want Clint as their project manager, but he's obviously on KOTU, so Annie will do it. Everyone on KOTU agrees Clint should be theirs, and Jesse says he likes Clint now. The winning project manager will get $20,000 for his or her charity. A loser will be fired.

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