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Tea Party

New York skyline porn, as announcer guy tells us it's down to the wire. We get clips of the season, mostly in the boardroom with people loving and hating each other. Clips of Sharon being sick, Darryl wanting to be fired. Last week, Sharon's team won (with Curtis and Maria), and Cyndi was fired from Holly's team, even though it really should have been Holly. Not that I'm bitter or anything. RockSolid makes their predictions: Maria thinks Cyndi will be fired, but Sharon and Curtis don't. When Sharon sees Holly come in, she screams, "Yes! Yes!" Which surprised me a little. So, the five of them start to celebrate a little including Sharon flashing her bra and singing Do You Think I'm Sexy? Then the phone rings, beckoning all of them back to the boardroom. Bret assumes this is very bad for him. Curtis is in the bathroom, and Bret's like, "Don't do a deuce, Curtis." He is such a twelve-year-old. How can you not love that? "Money, money, money." Have we seen Bret without his bandana in this entire season?

Boardroom. Trump, Don, and Ivanka are all there. Ivanka must have shown up just for this second boardroom, since Richard LeFrak was there a second ago -- if this really happened as they're pretending. Trump congratulates them all, but says he's going to fire one more right now and then the remaining four will be interviewed by former Apprentices Joan and Bill, and then he'll fire two more. The two left will face off in the final task.

He asks Holly first why he shouldn't fire her. She says she works hard, and has been a good project manager. He asks Bret, who says he works hard and is diabetic, so his charity chose him. He asks Curtis, who says he started young fighting for his dream, and Maria smirks because she says they all started young. She wants to keep fighting. Trump asks Holly who's the weakest player left, and she says Maria, because her play comes from the least pure place sometimes. She says Maria sticks up for herself in the boardroom at the expense of others, without provocation, and Maria says it's always supported. Then she says Holly's had a rough life, as a mother, and Trump thinks that's nice and true. Holly agrees. Trump asks "My Sharon" who isn't the strongest player at this table. Sharon asks in what category, and Trump says overall. Ivanka and Don can't believe Sharon can't give an answer, and Don says maybe she's the weakest then. Sharon says it's Maria then, and that's who she really means. Sharon says Holly's strong, good at everything, and she's a lioness fighting for her children. She says she had cancer and watched people die, but that's nothing compared to fighting for your child. Ivanka asks Sharon if she can beat Holly, and Sharon says she doesn't know if she wants to. Uh-oh, Sharon. Trump questions her, and Sharon cries that she doesn't know, because she doesn't know what she'd do if she had a child that wasn't well. She doesn't know if she has the right to take that away from Holly. Ivanka is clearly not happy about this, and says all of their charities have merit.

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