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Designing Women

Back in the boardroom, Nicole says she didn't want a dictatorship, but Don says she's the leader. Liza and Tyana agree about her poor leadership, and then Liza calls Nicole out for not being involved in the physical act of painting, and left them without a point person. Brandy, who we still haven't been introduced to formally (but I looked her up and she's a former lawyer turned entrepreneur), says Nicole is a leader, but ultimately delegation would have helped. Trump asks who was best, and Brandy says they all worked hard and were sweaty. Trump: "Slutty?" Everyone cracks up as she clarifies she said "sweaty," and he's just like, "Oh, wishful thinking." Okay, he didn't say that, but you know he was thinking it. He asks Mahsa, who tells him she thought Nicole would be awesome, but she totally wasn't. She points out that Nicole didn't want to use the one person with design experience for design. There's some debate over who threw whom under the bus first, and Ivanka tries to wedge in that they didn't love the design anyway, but Mahsa won't stop talking. Trump mutters, "This is the district attorney over here, so we have to listen." And they do to a point, then he cuts her off. Trump asks Nicole if she's a little surprised the team's being so vicious toward her before they even know if they've lost.

Trump shows the teams the other boardrooms. The women seem to like the men's artwork, but not their boardroom, which Don and Trump also don't like Ivanka does defend the chairs, which she says are conference room chairs. Then he shows the women's workspace. They all hate the piece of art of the old guy, but Trump likes their clear reception space. He doesn't like their boardroom either, though. He says, "That's almost boring." Trump says he doesn't love either boardroom (as if the one they're all in right now isn't totally boring), or either space. He asks Ivanka, who prefers the men's space. She likes their color, the lightness, how modern it is. And Don agrees. He says if he wanted to work at a 200-year-old space, he would work at the women's space, but he likes that people can gather and it's open and modern. Trump agrees, and gives the win to the men. He liked the artwork and says James "has some latent talent." The good news for Gene is winning project managers get to meet with top CEOs and business leaders; Gene's is Trump himself, and he promises Gene they'll have some fun. But first they can go back and watch the women catfight from the suite.

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