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Designing Women

Anyway, he asks David what he thought of Gene. He was proud of him by the end, but he says the beginning was tough because there are eight different personalities coming together at first. He says Gene's orders were barked and sporadic at first, but by Day 2, he was great. Steuart agrees they pulled together as a team on the second day. Trump asks who Gene's weakest link is, and Gene says there was conflict on the first day. Trump asks again who was the weakest, meaning "no imagination, no brain, no nothing." Gene says it's tough, and it's between David and James. He says David added discord to the team, but James was more subversive and negative. James is shocked about that, because he didn't know Gene felt that way. Ivanka says she's surprised to hear Gene say that since James was the leader when she showed up and Gene was away. Then Trump asks about conflict, and Gene says there was some between Clint and David. Trump asks David, who says Gene just threw himself under the bus because it was his fault. What I love about this is that Trump is obviously making them do this because they won and there needs to be drama for both teams, but they're totally buying in and fighting with each other now, so they won't even be able to celebrate the win they're about to have.

David and Clint explain the Great Plant Versus Flower Debate of 2010. Trump asks if Clint likes David, and Clint says that's not it; he has compassion about David, which David finds insulting since he doesn't need pity. Trump tells David he can get rid of that stigma by being successful, and David agrees and thanks him. Then Don calls out Clint for being the only guy not wearing a tie while trying to work for The Trump Organization. Trump says he does like ties, then asks Nicole what she thinks. She says her whole personal philosophy is about presentation and overdressing. He asks how her team did, and she says all of her ladies did great. He says that's not true, since he judged it and they did terrible. She thinks they did great given the time constraints. So he asks Tyana what she thought of Nicole. And Tyana rightfully says she didn't think Nicole led, because she didn't delegate or manage. She did love the office, though, but she credits the other ladies. Trump asks if Nicole is surprised Tyana said that about her, but she's not, because she knew Tyana talked shit to Don. He says that's true, but makes Tyana sound very fair and reasonable, talking about delegation and telling people it was up to them. Nicole admits she did that, but says she was trying to delegate. Trump doesn't see her as wishy-washy (because she's pretty and young and he's Trump). Tyana says she is, and everyone talks over one another, and then it abruptly cuts to another commercial.

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