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Designing Women

Mahsa, Tyana and Brandy (who?) are back with sandwiches and paint. Nicole immediately leaves with Stephanie to go buy electronics. They bicker over laptops versus desktops, and then about Tyana. Stephanie doesn't understand why Nicole wouldn't use someone in the real estate design business to design a space. Mahsa gets into an argument with Brandy, who's painting, because Mahsa's washing windows. It turns into a fight for nothing, because it looks to me like everyone's working hard, just at different jobs; isn't that sort of the point? Poppy and Brandy think Mahsa's a bitch. Which she sort of seems to be, because she thinks Brandy's not doing anything over there with her paint roller. David and Clint get tasked with buying trees and plants, which is the one place where it seems all the guys have an opinion. David's frustrated with all of the indecisions. Clint's going to call to the colorful plants Gene wants, but he tells Gene it might be tense because David wants bonsai trees. Gene says he has Clint's back. So David lies to get the phone, and it turns into an actual screaming match between Clint and David. OVER PLANTS VERSUS FLOWERS. What is this show? Anand breaks up the fight as Gene stands there. Clint thinks David was the biggest distraction, but he thinks it's all to blame on Gene's lack of leadership.

Gene wants to get the space painted today so they can come in the next day and build. Ivanka shows up while they're painting. She doesn't think having a green office space is overly original, and nothing about their concept is blowing her socks off. She interviews later that a task about New York real estate is not one you want to screw up on with her father, since he's seen everything. When Stephanie and Nicole get back to Fortitude, a lot of work has been done, but Nicole immediately has to leave again to get furniture. This time, she takes Poppy and Tyana. She says the only reason she's taking Tyana is in case they fail and Trump asks why he didn't take her, since she's the one with experience. They only have 45 minutes to get all their furniture, so they buy a bunch of tables. Tyana says she realizes Nicole's stressing, but she's done this and it was easy as snapping her fingers. Nicole admits her opinion of Tyana shifted for being able to get that job done in 45 minutes. Drama averted? Is that even possible.

Well, it's okay, because there's still plenty of drama back with the plants-versus-flowers team of Octane. Now they're fighting over who should put the plants in the windows. David's frustrated that Gene won't make a decision, so Gene finally asks them all to stop talking. He's going to be a dictator now instead of a democracy. He scraps the Zen garden, and tells them all to listen to him, but David gets pissed off and yells at him. He asks him if he wants to go home, and Gene walks away, which David takes as a yes. I think I'm picking up on why David's wife left, and I don't think it was the loss of income so much as the anger issues.

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