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Designing Women

They meet up with Trump at the Trump Building. He gives them the history of the building, which was built during the Depression. He thinks they'll all rise like this building did. Gene tells Trump they're Octane, and he's their leader. Some burly guy we haven't met named Clint says they like Gene and his style, and Trump agrees it was a good decision. Nicole tells Trump she's leading her team, Fortitude, which he thinks sounds good. Trump says Don and Ivanka will be his eyes and ears, and Ivanka introduces to the task: to build an ultra-modern workspace. They'll be judged on execution, functionality, and originality. Trump says he'll make the final decision, and the winning project manager will receive something very special. He says the losing team will have someone fired, and being the first one fired is "never great." He wishes them luck, and sends them on their way. Let the backbiting and fighting begin!

Fortitude finds their space, which is a big open space with no rooms. An unemployed publicist named Kelly wants to do something really opulent, like Trump, since he's going to be judging this task himself. She says he's set the standard for luxury office space so they have to pull this together. Tyana wants to make their space into a gallery/office, but other ladies don't agree. She starts throwing out ideas, but Nicole's not going to listen to her design and style ideas because she thinks what Tyana's wearing is tacky.

Meanwhile, the guys find their own barebones office. Anand has a real estate background, and is happy to be back in that field. Anand pushes that the office space be applicable to any industry. Gene's a little stressed out at jumping right back into working after spending three years trying to figure out what he wants to do again. Gene's idea is to make a "green office space," which James thinks is a terrific idea, but he says Gene has no idea what that means. Their architectural renderer shows up, and James is disappointed that Gene doesn't sit down and work with this guy for the limited time they have him. Gene's too busy off discussing what color the drapes should be. Maybe his style is less tacky than Tyana's, though, at least.

Back with Fortitude, Nicole confuses everyone by not telling anyone what to do. It bugs Mahsa, because she can't tell if Nicole wants her to get food or paint while Nicole, Tyana, and Poppy meet with the architect. It's really not a big deal, but she's definitely asking other people what they want. Mahsa thinks Nicole looks good on the outside, but there's no substance. Nicole sends Tyana away to help pick paint, and Tyana's already annoyed Nicole doesn't want to listen to her. Over at Octane, James and Anand take over and spend time with the architect to get their ideas on paper. Clint's frustrated that James and Anand took it over since Clint's apparently a "Struggling property developer." James thinks Gene's to blame for the team's lack of focus.

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