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Designing Women

The women head back in, and Mahsa immediately starts in with her ranting about not understanding why she's in there. Nicole asks Trump if she wants to see the bulldog, and he reminds her they haven't seen it. She says these other two women attacked her and now she's going for the jugular. Nicole says the other women only agreed because their default response is that the PM should take responsibility, but Tyana was responsible for props and furniture. Tyana tries to explain that she went to get paint because Nicole wouldn't listen to her on design, but Nicole says she didn't know Tyana was going to go; she told her to do what she thought was best. Nicole also would like to point out that neither of these two is a team player, which is why one of them should be fired. They both jump in, Mahsa shaking her finger, saying every single person in the boardroom had her back. The three women scream and scream, until Ivanka steps in and says Mahsa's a polarizing personality, which is how she ended up here in the boardroom. But she also can't reconcile why everyone says Nicole's not a good leader. Nicole says her leadership style is that she wasn't bossy, because she thinks women rebel against bossy, so she wanted everyone to feel trusted.

Trump asks Mahsa what she would say if he fired Tyana, and she says she's a district attorney and it would be an injustice because Nicole could never be his leader and Tyana worked her butt off and had sweat dripping off her. Trump asks if Mahsa dislikes Nicole, and Mahsa says no one likes her. Trump thinks she seems very nice, but Tyana says she's a beauty queen, so she knows how to present herself. They all screech over each other. OMG. I want him to please fire all three of them. Trump asks why Nicole would bring Mahsa, a tough player who she has to know would kill her in here. She says Mahsa's disloyal and was ready to sell the team out from the get-go. Okay, I hate Mahsa, too, but sell them out? Really? To whom? I mean, what does she even mean by that? But when he asks her who to fire, she says Tyana. Don reminds Nicole that when she spoke to him yesterday, she told him that Tyana was her biggest liability on Day 1, but was her most valuable player on Day 2. Nicole says that's why she should be fired. Trump asks if she really said that, and he thinks that's a big thing. Trump asks if Nicole thinks Tyana is great right now. She says no, so he asks why she told Don that. She says it was about the furniture, but now that they hated it... Ivanka points out she loved it, so she can't disown it now. She says she hated the old man painting, and Ivanka smartly says that it shouldn't have been there, then, since she could have overruled them. Trump agrees he hated the painting, but she was the PM and lost, so... she's fired. Tyana and Mahsa look totally self-satisfied. Trump apologizes as they leave, and she thanks him. She gets into the elevator, all teary. Trump liked her, and still thinks she's a leader. He's going to set her up for an interview at the Miss Universe pageant. So all is not lost. But Don and Ivanka agree with his decision. One day, I want them to duke it out in the boardroom, post-boardroom duke-out. Oh, please, young Trumps, disagree with your dad.

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