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Previously: During a mobile TV ad task, Brandy felt sidelined by her male colleagues on Octane. Fortitude's Stephanie sidelined radar under-flyer Liza, and paid the price, though Trump warned Liza to step it up.

We join Octane as they gloat over their task winning threepeat. Brandy acts all cheerleader ditzy to the guys' faces while interviewing that she thinks they're each trying to score the role of Alpha male as they engage in a never-ending dick-measuring contest. Clint's measurement drops significantly when he doesn't know how to pronounce Cristal ("chris-tall" not "crystal") and admits that he's a "hick from the sticks." Steuart thinks he lacks a certain amount of cosmopolitan savvy that is essential for a businessman.

The boys and Brandy welcome Liza into the Final Four. She says the only way she's going to prove herself to Trump is to follow his advice and step up at Project Manager in the next task. Apropos of that, Trump joins the F4 in the Apprenti Suite to break up the teams for the last time. It's men versus women in a profit-oriented task at QVC. Clint takes the helm for Octane, and Liza offers herself as PM for Fortitude. Brandy recognizes that Liza is experienced in the boardroom and warns that, if they lose, the claws will come out. Trump tells them he will be advised by headhunters Juan Betancourt and Catherine Roman. The teams bid each other goodbye as Clint obnoxiously claims that he and Steuart will be the final two . Credits.

Steuart claims his reward, a meeting with Cathie Black, Chairwoman of Hearst Magazines. Cathie is impressed with Steuart's entrepreneurial spirit, especially in this economy. She warns him to keep his overheard low and to be better instead of bigger. Now, as a freelance journalist, I could make you suffer through hours of vindictive rants about the ideas of "overhead" and what exactly constitutes "better" these days. (Hint: It starts with a "ch" and rhymes with "leaper.") But I shan't. So it's on to the show...

The teams fly by helicopter to QVC headquarters. Steuart tells Clint he's just like his dad, which Clint considers a Freudian slip. Even though it is patently not, Clint explains that he's somewhat offended because "he's the tall hog at this trough" and that he'll have to root Steuart out because young Steu just isn't mature enough to be The Apprentice. They get to strategizing while the girls have a quiet ride, which worries Brandy.

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