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Being Secretly Gay Doesn't Pay

Previously: The women lost at pitching a Broadway play, thanks to the men's team's David? Stephanie and Mahsa both freaked out about the project manager Liza, but Mahsa pushed too hard to throw everyone under the bus, and even the men came back in to help get her fired. Oh, and Stephanie lied to Trump. Now that Mahsa's gone, Clint says he and Mahsa never had a cross word, so he doesn't get why she'd do that to him. Everyone else says she was desperate. Brandy's proud to be the one who took Mahsa down. Anand goes all Trump on the ladies in the suite, and asks who did the graphic design. Stephanie lies (again) that no one did that, so he asks who went to the printer. He tells Stephanie to take some responsibility, since she's the one who messed up everything on this task, and then she lied to Trump, and she's really classless. She tells him to shut the fuck up; she has class, and she didn't lie. I love that she's being classless and lying while she says that. The irony is not exactly subtle on The Apprentice. Stephanie screams at Anand some more, and she interviews about him: She hates him, and wouldn't want to work with someone like that. Hey, everyone, remember that the teams are changing this week? That should be fun. We get the full "Money, money, money" credits this week.

Steuart meets with Larry Young, CEO of Snapple, at Snapple Theatre. Which is Snapple great for Snapple Steuart because he wants to be in distribution. Snapple. Larry spouts Snapple platitudes, and then it's Snapple over. Phew. Glad to be done product placing. Trump joins the lined-up teams on the street in front of Macy's, and tells them it's time to switch it up. He puts Brandy and Liza with Steuart and Clint, leaving Anand and David with Stephanie and Poppy. Stephanie, wearing a man's suit later, says she's not going to break; she's going to break Anand. With Trump and two of his Trumplets is Terry Lundgren, president and chairman of Macy's. Trump talks about his Trump suits and ties, Donald J. Trump Signature Collection, for which the teams will be doing a four-page advertisement. Terry will judge on creativity, brand integration, and the overall presentation. Trump's advisers this week are Eric and Don. David and Brandy step up as project managers. Trump reminds them this is very personal for him, because it has to do with him. So they better impress him.

Team Fortitude (that's the Poppy, Stephanie, Anand, David team) sits and discusses. David puts Poppy and Anand in charge of the models. Then they all quickly come up with a concept: They'll have a black and white bar scene, with only Trump's shirts, ties, and cuff links in color. David says that will take the focus off the good-looking people in the ad and put it on the clothes. Team Octane is also figuring stuff out. Clint thinks that this should speak to power, sex, and wealth because those are the three things Trump is all about. Liza thinks maybe they should do a guy's day in the suit, but Brandy was thinking the morning-after scene, with the woman wearing the men's shirt. Clint loves it, but Liza looks a little shocked. Clint even wants the words "power," "sex" and "wealth," but Liza doesn't think sex is really part of the Donald J. Trump image.

Clint and Liza head out to run some errands for the task, while Steuart and Brandy head to Trump Soho to find the models. Since they haven't shown up, though, Brandy tells Steuart that they are going to have to be in the shoot. Because he is totally in love with himself, he's happy to do it. Clint thinks that, while this probably makes Steuart happy, it could come back to bite them. At Fortitude, they have a lineup of models ready to come in, but David falls in love with the first one, telling him how much he loves him, how he can imagine pulling his hair to the side, and that he's the face of this campaign. Anand thinks someone's got himself a mancrush.

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