Down To The Wire, Part I

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Goodbye, young lovers
Previously on Tell Me About It...Spud: Troy, Bill, and Kwame went up against Amy and Nick to rent out the Trumpenthouse. While Troy worked the marks over like he was participating in an Idaho revival of The Sting, Amy and Nick apparently milled around until someone walked in at the last minute and offered them $40,800 for the place. Eyebrows were raised. Amy and Nick thus earned a giggly, shrieking trip to Mar-a-Lago to take in the world's funniest portrait of Trump. Which might actually be the world's funniest portrait of anyone, considering that it made him appear to be Moses in a tennis sweater. Elsewhere, Troy, Kwame, and Bill abandoned their low-carb diets long enough to break bread together on their knees. Then, it was time for a less appetizing trip to the Boardroom. Faced with Bill's imposing 5-6 win-loss record, project manager Troy made the tough decision to go mano a mano with his good buddy Kwame. In the Boardroom, Trump seemed to have a tough time choosing between the slow and steady Kwame and the high-risk, high-reward Troy. In the end, though, Trump decided that he wasn't quite ready to bet the farm on Troy just yet, and sent him home. Troy and Kwame proved that everyone who's ever suggested you can't be a gracious winner or a gracious loser is lying. That's not going to make them popular on the reality star circuit. And...who will be fired tonight? Oh, a couple of people, actually. Hang on tight, kids.

Credits. I want to thank all of you, by the way, who came out this week as closet chair-dancers. I feel very supported by the community. I'm a little alarmed at the number of you who involve your pets. I just want to encourage you to respect the dignity of all of God's creatures, except for cats, because cats are really funny, especially when you put Halloween masks on them.

Night shots of Manhattan, and then we are with Kwame as he approaches S4, where the others are presumably enjoying the very last Aspiring Corporate Weasel Death Watch of all time. Sniffle! As Kwame enters, Bill is in the middle of discussing the Boardroom with Amy and Nick, but he stops when he hears the door open and close, and he leans to look. "There he is," Bill says simply as Kwame rounds the corner. "Everything I do from now on is dedicated to Troy," Kwame says as Bill semi-hugs him. Nick's like, "Why?", because Nick's brain chokes on the idea of dedicating anything to anyone other than yourself. Kwame tells him it's nothing in particular, it was just intense, and neither he nor Troy wanted to see the other one leave. Nick shakes his hand, and then Amy stands up and gives him a hug, hugging him extra-tight with this big grin on her face, because she is one hundred percent devoted to her role as Cute Girl Everyone Totally Loves, And Does Not Find Annoying At All, Even If It Sometimes Seems Like They Do. "At this point, I'm doing it for Troy," Kwame interviews. "I mean, that's my boy. And even though I've only known him for a short period of time, I know that there's a true friendship there. You know, I wanted to go into this final competition versus him, not without him." I love Kwame's gold tie, by the way. I'll say this about Kwame -- the kid can dress.

"So that's it," Kwame remarks as they sit around. "Final four," Bill adds. Indeed, Boyfriend Bill, that it is.

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