DNA, Heads, And The Undead Kitty

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Adieu, Connoisseur of Art and Water

Previously on This Show According To Assorama: Assorama sold more water than anyone, even though forces outside her control (which may have included intervention by space aliens) prevented her from selling it any way other than one case at a time. Something kind of happened to Heidi's mother that related to her insides or something, but it totally wasn't that important compared to certain other events going on at the same time, if you get my drift. In particular, the Statue of Liberty fell on Assorama's head, and in spite of the fact that she qualified for millions and millions and millions of dollars in compensation, she continued working, much like the heroes of ancient storytelling who ignored their traumatic drywall injuries to build the Pyramids of Egypt. Ereka lost track of the paperwork at VersaCorp, which never would have happened if Assorama had been the PM, or had been on that team, or preferably had been on both teams and been PM of both teams. VersaCorp went to the Boardroom with Ereka, Nick, and Bill taking the trip to the final table, although none of them could concentrate on anything except how inferior they were to Assorama and how much they feared the righteous victory she would undoubtedly walk away with in a matter of a couple of short weeks. Bill and Nick both blamed Ereka for the defeat, and Trump was irritated that Ereka didn't bring her best friend "Kat" to the Boardroom with her, since he doesn't like "Kat," unlike Assorama, whom he loves and respects and quite possibly wants to make his next wife. Ereka was fired, which was totally justified if for no other reason that that she was mean to Assorama one time. Who will be fired this week? Definitely not you-know-who!

Credits. Oh, Assorama. You don't even deserve such a nifty theme song playing over your picture.

S4. Aspiring Corporate Weasel Death Watch. Katrina explains to the group what happened in the Boardroom. "I supported Ereka against the guys, and the guys then turned on us," she says. Wow, revisionist history usually takes at least a little bit longer than that to be written. It usually takes longer than that to be typed. "So it was guys versus girls," Kwame says, and Katrina nods. Interestingly, she doesn't mention the part where Trump made it plain that his biggest problem with Ereka was her failure to take Katrina to the final table, or the part where Katrina figured out that she was one big piece of burnt toast where Trump was concerned. The Oracle of Heidi returns yet again, saying, "I really don't think it'll be Ereka." Katrina agrees, even though she should know by now that having your continuing vitality bet upon by the O of H means that your remaining hours can be measured with a very teeny stopwatch. Katrina agrees that she "really really really [doesn't] think" that it would be Ereka who would be fired. Really! Really really!

In the hall, as Bill and Nick approach the suite, Nick comments to Boyfriend Bill that it was a bad move, what Ereka did -- she should have taken him and Katrina rather than involving Bill. Inside the suite, Katrina is still whining that Ereka wasn't given enough credit by the guys for doing such a great job losing the paperwork and convincing people that in trying to sell them water, she was only looking out for herself in an effort to create "buzz." The door swings open, and here come Bill and Nick. The person who greets Bill and Nick first is a squealing Assorama, who gives a high screech and then gets very sarcastic, going, "Where did she go? She's gone!" From its perch on the couch with a beer and a bag of pretzels, Karma shrugs, like, "Well, fuck with me if you want to, you'll see how it works out." Katrina looks at Amy with utter horror and dismay that Ereka was booted. HA! Ahem, sorry. What I meant to say was that I totally feel for her. Behind her, Kwame smiles at Troy, but he'd rather no one noticed, because he's not saying anything, he's juuuuuust sittin' there.

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