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The big gamble
Previously on "Petty" What? Oh, Pedicabs: The teams were sent to run a bicycle rickshaw fleet, and Amy had the brilliant idea of advertising on the rickshaws, which appears to have been a bit of an overhyped brainstorm, considering that it has since been discovered that the pedicab company has been advertising on its rickshaws for some time, and says so on the website her team was reviewing in the suite at the time. Why anyone tries to slip anything past the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters, I simply do not know, because they are equipped with magical powers that allow them to notice continuity errors of the "first his socks were up, then down, then up again" variety, and are not to be underestimated. But anyway. Katrina and Bill bickered, because she didn't understand why the fact that she used her boobies to secure every single victory up to this point would suggest to him that she might be likely to do it again. She finds the idea of a pretty girl being used as a sales tactic very insulting, you know. Katrina also assured Bill that she wasn't only successful because she's so incredibly beautiful. You know, she's not just a pointy face. Er, "pretty face" -- sorry. ["Hate." -- Sars] As for the actual task, Kwame had little success as a rickshaw driver, while Heidi pranced around acting like she flunked out of The Basil E. Nimrod School of Dimwits, and she did it right in front of Carolyn. Silly girl. Surprisingly, Protégé did not hit on the advertising idea, proving that they had managed to spend several weeks with the Trump National Donald Trump (tm Donald Trump, all rights reserved) and not yet learned that everything, everywhere, presents marketing possibilities. In the end, Protégé took a big dive and headed for the Boardroom. There, an oddly nasal version of the Hallelujah Chorus could be heard as Heidi was finally sent home to...wherever. Thus was Heidi swallowed by irrelevance, never to be remembered by anyone, which is a good thing for everyone. Oh, and if you're interested in alleged romance, Amy tried some of the creakiest flirting in the book, including the "gee, you're really a complex guy" thing that most people got over somewhere around their second semester of college when they stopped believing that drinking tea was a good way to get back at The Man.

Credits. It's nothing personal; it's just idiots.

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