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Trump tells Mahsa it doesn't really matter who said what, but wouldn't she say it was disloyal to give him the number? She says the task was over, and it was stupid to give the number, but not disloyal. Trump says that whether she's allowed to do it is one thing, but it was disloyal to the team. She doesn't think it was disloyal. He asks if she thinks she made a mistake, and she says she did. He fires her. Brandy looks relieved. So does Clint. Liza. But, most of all, me. Trump kicks them all out. Mahsa smugly leaves. In the boardroom, Trump says, "That's too bad, but that's the way it goes." What exactly is too bad about getting rid of the wicked witch?

Taxicab confession: Mahsa says she made a stupid mistake and got fired for it. She says if she'd been quieter, she would have stayed longer and made fewer enemies. And she's shocked she's inside the cab tonight. The fact that she's still shocked just proves that she's delusional and always thinks she's in the right. Her Rockport next step: Doors have opened because of the show. She wants to be an on-air personality, and she's pursuing that now. [Who would hire her? Seriously? -- Angel]

Next week: The teams go co-ed, but the fighting continues. David has a man crush. Brandy and Steuart get all sexy, so Trump asks if they're having an affair. When she says she likes older men, Don jokes, "You're hired." I love that he can tease his dad like that.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, can't believe she didn't notice until tonight that Mahsa = Omarosa. You can contact her at

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