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Poppy says that, in Brandy's defense, Mahsa was trying to give their strategy to the men. Trump asks Brandy to explain, and she says that Mahsa told the men what they made before the boardroom last week. Trump grills her on it, and she says that Clint told her, too. In the suite, Clint says she's lying. Don says he wasn't here but can't believe she'd give the results on a sales task before the boardroom. Ivanka agrees she altered the whole dynamic of this process by doing that. Trump says that's not being a team player, and asks her why she'd do that. She says he told her again, and Trump says he doesn't care. Clint's getting pissed that she keeps lying about him, and Steuart tells him to go in there. Trump tells her again how wrong it is, and she again says Clint told her. He says she's looking for a scapegoat and throwing him under the bus, and the guys head back to the boardroom, all of them fully backing Clint on this. They can hear Trump grilling her in the lobby as they head back in. And now I can see why there was so much time left when the guys were sent away.

Trump asks Clint what's on his mind, and he says he's back to clear his name since he has three little boys and a wife to play for here. He's not going to be soiled by Mahsa. She says she never lied and is not lying now, then tells him not to be dramatic and to calm down. Clint says that Mahsa can't keep her mouth shut and told him the particular numbers in the lobby of the hotel last week. Trump asks if he told her, and he says he knew what he made on the task but was out pedaling and had no idea what the team made. Ivanka asks if this is a total fabrication, and Clint says the only thing he said was, "Did you really only make $360?" And he told her he thought they made a lot more than that. Mahsa can't believe he's lying, but Clint says Brandy heard it, and already told them. Clint tells Trump he's a straight shooter and he never divulged the number his team made because a) he didn't know and b) he thought they were trying to lie with the number $360. Steuart says he heard it too.

Don says that coming back to clear his name, and risking being back in the boardroom, makes a pretty big statement to him. Clint says he'd rather be fired tonight and have his name cleared. Trump asks David if he's backing Clint, and David says they didn't know a number, so he does not believe Clint gave one. Steuart says he was with Clint during this conversation (Mahsa says he wasn't), and didn't hear him give a number or give anything. Trump asks Brandy's take. She says she's never raised her voice in this boardroom until tonight. She says she feels very passionate about this. She says Mahsa's lying is one thing, but the fact is that she's disloyal. Mahsa starts screaming and finger-pointing that's she's never lied and is not lying now. She says Clint said "Well over $1,000." Mahsa screams some more and Clint asks her to shut her mouth and stop screaming. She continues to screech, and Brandy covers the ear that's facing Mahsa.

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