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Trump would like to see the promotional materials. He shows them each other's, and says the men's was very good, but he didn't like the women's. He asks them who did it, and Liza says the ideas were "collaborately" done. I'm going to forgive her that since she's from Kenya. When Trump pushes, she says Stephanie and Mahsa were in charge of the promotional materials. Stephanie disagrees, saying Liza told them exactly what to put in there. Trump asks why they can't get in touch with anyone if they want to invest; whose fault is that? Liza says that should be Stephanie and Mahsa's responsibility, but they lie that they made exactly what she wanted and she approved it. She says she didn't, it's boring, blah. He asks who she'd bring back if she loses, and she says Stephanie and Mahsa. Stephanie says that's completely uncalled for, but Trump and Don disagree. Trump asks her why she wasn't project manager when she knew it was a musical, and she lies she wanted to but thought it was theater, and Liza wanted to. He calls her on her crap, because all he talked about was it being a musical. She says she can't be project manager every week, and he says he likes that point better than her lying to him, which she shouldn't have done. Even Don looks a little frightened for Stephanie.

Trump says the decision's split: Daryl loved the men's team. Kristin loved the women's team and thought Liza did a great job. John broke the tie by choosing the men's team. Trump tells David it's an amazing comeback, and tells Steuart he'll be meeting with Larry Young, president and CEO of Snapple. He sends the men to their suite to watch the fighting. With fifteen minutes left, it better be good. Trump asks Poppy what went wrong. She thinks the biggest oversight was not including their contact information on the promotional materials. Trump thinks that was the biggest thing, too. He asks Liza what happened, and she agrees the contact information was critical. He asks why none of them thought of that, and asks Mahsa. She blames Liza, who gave them an exact list of what she wanted. Trump asks why Kristin liked Liza so much. Mahsa says she was the one who wrote Liza's three sentences, but he says he wasn't talking about her. Brandy sort of goes off about what a bitch Mahsa is, and Trump says he sees it himself in the way she treats everyone.

The guys get a good laugh back in the suite as Brandy talks about Mahsa pointing her finger in everyone's face. I guess Clint told her not to do that, and Don says a finger pointed in his face wouldn't last long in business. She says it's because she's an attorney, but Don says she needs to know to turn that off. He also tells her she turns everything in every boardroom around as a positive about her and a detriment to everyone else. Trump says Brandy has gone a little bit wild in the past couple of minutes, and he wonders what brings this out in her. She says their team is being torn about by this fragmentation. Mahsa asks what she did wrong on this task, and Brandy yells that she didn't do anything! Trump tells Mahsa she really is abrasive and she points and defends and butts in and turns it around on Brandy for telling her to shut the fuck up.

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