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Octane. David comes back in after ordering food and catches the tail end of the musical numbers. I'm not sure why it would take him that long to order food, but maybe everyone on the team wanted something from a different place. They start to discuss presentation, and David doesn't think their team should talk; just leave it to the actors. He dramatically tells us that Team Octane "are not thespians in any way." Well, actually, David, you might be a bit of a thespian, judging by the drama. Anyway, Steuart wants to be part of the presentation, but David tells him that always causes a disconnect instead of just having the characters and actors do it all. Clint can't believe he's doing this, but he agrees with David. They let him do his thing and basically put him in charge of being creative director of the presentation. Uh-oh. Unless Steuart wants to throw him under the bus.

Fortitude. Brandy thinks they should have a narrator, though Liza doesn't totally agree. Poppy says Liza took a hands-off approach, so they got to do whatever they wanted. Which means a narrator. Don shows up then and asks what's up. Liza stutters until Brandy jumps in and tells him what they're doing. Don's not impressed that Brandy would be the one taking him through the concept. He says that's going to come back to bite her. Back at Octane, Anand and Clint go to work on the promotional items, happy with David's creative change. David re-explains the concept of Little Miss Fix-It to us as he watches the rehearsals. Ivanka shows up then and asks how it's going. David explains what they're doing, and she's pretty impressed with him, considering how he was ripped apart in the boardroom last week. She thinks if Steuart doesn't step up during the presentation, it will seem like it was David's task. Back at Octane, Stephanie calls to see if Liza got their email with the flier. Liza did, but it's not what she wanted. Stephanie talks over her as she tries to explain. But Liza wants it to be colorful, not black and white. They'll try again, but they say if it looks ridiculous they'll stick with black and white. Liza thinks they're trying to sabotage her, since they're not doing anything the team agreed on for the poster.

All the ladies are I the van on what appears to be the next morning. Liza tells them what she's planned for the intro, and Mahsa suggests making it a little simpler and more interesting. They're headed to the theatre to present their audition to the judges. Mahsa says that Liza had one thing to do and couldn't even write three sentences, because she can't do anything. At the theatre, they see the poster, which is the black and white one that Liza didn't want. She tells them it's all right, but is clearly peeved. The guys, meanwhile, love their poster, which is like a cool little chalkboard, with a 3-D piece of chalk and everything.

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