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Ryan Scott Oliver meets with the ladies about their musical, Darling. (He's the composer and lyricist.) He says it's a dark deconstruction of Peter Pan, which he says is not your grandmother's version. Liza tells him she's never been to a Broadway show, so she asks what people do there. She imagines they get on stage and, like, perform. Everyone is speechless, and RSO is like, "You mean in the show or the backers' audition?" She just replies, "Well." Stephanie snarks about her later in her interview, saying she has no culture and depth. When RSO leaves, Stephanie says she has a musical background because she studied with the Royal Conservatory. Yes, of course, she's an expert. On everything. Poppy says she also has music. So Stephanie interviews later that she studied with the Royal Conservatory for thirty years (what?! Is that even possible?) so she doesn't care if Poppy listens to Miley Cyrus on her "Walkman" [sic]. I guess they haven't gotten iPods at the Royal Conservatory yet. They argue over who is more of an expert. Poppy's annoyed that Stephanie claims to be the strongest at everything in every task. She'd like people to recognize other people can be good at stuff, too.

The guys meet with Kirsten about their play, Little Miss Fix-It, about an eleven-year-old named Nan who meets a twelve-year-old boy who's an Impressionist painter. The guys all think this will be totally fun. Steuart says the most important aspects of this are the promotional items, the promotional packets, and the actors. He assigns Clint to work with the graphic designers, and he'll work the theatre side himself. David says that he's done a lot of small plays, at civic theatres and high school. Steuart's convicted whether David will be the creative David they can trust or the virus. So he assigns him to ordering food, which David says is a "chump move" to put his creative mind on lunch ordering. While he's ordering food, Steuart asks him to do it outside of the room. He heads into the lobby and dances to the music in the other room while he waits on the phone to order food.

Fortitude. Brandy re-fills us in on the task. She explains you have to shrink an entire production down into a short time frame to get investors excited enough to want to fund the show. Stephanie's totally taken over as PM, so Liza quickly sends her and Mahsa off to do the promotional and marketing materials with the graphic designer. Stephanie protests, but Liza interviews she made the right decision since there was so much tension with Stephanie and Mahsa being around the other girls. In the van, Stephanie's screaming. Um, did we know she studied with the Royal Conservatory?! I don't know if she's mentioned that yet. Mahsa's on her side, and they high five on being in this together.

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