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Previously on I'm Not A Celebrity Apprentice; NBC Should Get Me Out Of Here: The men won a pedicab challenge, but they begged Trump to fire David anyway (he didn't). The women's screechy project manager, Kelly, was sent packing, putting my ears out of their misery. Up in the suite, Mahsa's telling everyone it was a group decision to go to Wall Street, and she turns to Poppy and Brandy, all snotty, "Was it not?" Brandy tells her no one's disagreeing with her; she's arguing with herself. Steuart looks shocked at the fact that there's a team with more drama than theirs. Brandy's sick of hearing Mahsa talk and wishes she'd shut up. Mahsa wants Liza to go, but she and Stephanie come in. Stephanie says this is the last time she takes on everything to help out the team. Then she interviews about these "bitches" that she's been "carrying" this whole game. Really? Because I just noticed her two weeks ago. Mahsa starts talking shit about Liza right in front of her face, and then tells the guys she wants to tell them about their sales. Brandy wonders what good that does anyone, since they all know Stephanie did the best and have been praising her. Then she tells Mahsa to shut the fuck up, which is what all of America's been wanting to say, but it only sets her off. They go at it at Steuart makes devil horns and faces behind Mahsa. Way to make David look like the good guy on this show. Mahsa interviews she's ready for a fight and none of these people are her friends. Which is all because of "Money, money, money, money..."

Shubert Theatre. The teams are lined up in front of Trump on the stage. Trump's seen Memphis there recently, and the theatre's great. Blah, blah, blah superlatives. He says finding backers is an important, difficult part of putting on a Broadway show. The task is to create a backers' audition aimed at getting money to put on a musical. Each team will have a musical, but no directors, producers, or designers. They'll have a score, actors and a script only, and will be judged by Broadway investor and Memphis producer John Yonover, Trump's good friend and producer Daryl Roth, and Kristin Chenoweth. They'll be judged on their marketing materials and their overall presentation. Liza (who came from Kenya to the U.S. by the way, to play golf) will lead Fortitude, and Steuart will lead Octane.

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