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Previously: Nene stirred up some drama on ASAP, but it was nothing compared with the drama Busey was causing with the men. Hope led the ladies to a win, and Busey caused another loss. As much as it pained Trump to get rid of this ratings-drawing mess, he fired Busey. We get a small farewell montage of Busey hijinks. Outside the boardroom, Nene's still pouting about La Toya not wanting to be her friend. Come on, girl! I was starting to love you for not giving a shit about what these fools think, and now you decide to care?

When the men join the ladies in the suite, Meat Loaf tells them all about his flavored meat conversation with Busey from last week. Rich says he sort of misses Busey, but is also glad he's gone. And now there are three racehorses left on Backbone, and he's looking forward to it. They all -- men and women -- toast in the suite to making it this far together. And Lil Jon toasts to Nene, too, wherever she is. O'Jays.

Hope gets to present Best Buddies with $20,000, but first she bowls a little bit with her own Best Buddy, Caroline, and some lady who works for Best Buddies. Amber and Caroline appreciate the check, but Caroline would really like to go clubbing now, please. I mean, this is New York.

The teams line up as a Nene voiceover tells us she does what she has to do and she doesn't hold a grudge. However, she does NOT want to work with La Toya again. She has a pretty funny definition of not holding a grudge. Trump asks the celebrities if he should run for president, and they all think he should. Meat Loaf would even work on his campaign. Trump asks who would not vote for him, and no one raises their hand. Trump says that's a good idea, since he would fire anyone who raised their hand for being stupid. Anyway, he tells them they're at the Trump SoHo, which is amazing, just like all the other Trump hotels. This week's task is to create a conceptual ad campaign for the Trump Hotel Collection. Ivanka says they're creating four-page ads, but each page should have the ability to run on its own. The winning ad will be featured in Saveur magazine. Don tells them that their judges will be Jim Petrus, COO of the Trump Hotel Collection, and James Oseland, editor of Saveur. Eric tells them that they'll be judged on creativity and originality, brand messaging, and the overall pitch to the judges. Trump says Eric and Don will be his boardroom advisers, but Ivanka and Jim will be very involved, too. He asks who will be project managers, and John Rich steps up even though none of the men have an advantage on this task. Rich says he's never stayed at a Trump hotel, because they're so high-end. Star steps up for the women, and she has stayed at several Trump hotels.

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