"Are You My Zulu Dancing Man?"

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Romance, Adventure, A Guy in a Shark Suit

Team Power finally won a task, and Gary Busey is miraculously still in this. Lisa Rinna thinks Gary's time has come on this show. "We need people that work, not just be funny and a talented actor. It goes way beyond that now," Lisa says. Yeah, I mean, look at these teams. One of these things is not like the other ones. That thing is Gary Busey.

Before this week's task, Trace Adkins goes to visit the American Red Cross on the East Coast and deliver a big check from a company that makes "sun care" products. Curiously, and with very little fanfare, Bret Michaels meets the celebrities with Donald Trump for the introduction of the next task. He's on the other side of the presentation this time, not to compete again. He's here to judge... with a vendetta, I hope.

Donald Trump has them meet in Times Square because it's a very special place. Another special place is South Africa, Trump tells the celebrities. A very nice tie-in. The task is to create an "interactive South Africa travel expo" to bring additional tourism to South Africa. The campaign is called "What's Your Big Five?" and will likely incorporate exactly zero of the celebrities' ideas.

Penn and Brande are selected as the project managers. The supervisors of the task are Bret and George. George tells the teams they have a choice of two packages to advertise: romance and adventure. Both teams want the adventure package but a coin toss proves Team Power the victors. The winning project manager gets a measly $20,000 for their charity. South Africa tourism has nothing to contribute.

Back in the planning rooms, Team Power learns that the safari they were so looking forward to promoting is not even available on their "Big Five" list. They are asked to promote golf courses, shark diving, surfing, zip-lining and camping.

"The coolest thing they have, we can't talk about," Trace complains, "it's like a farmer who's got these six daughters and one of them is really hot and five are really ugly. And you just want to see the hot one but he won't let you." Another scintillating country metaphor from Trace.

Trace continues to hate everything, all five "ugly daughters," if you will. He says luxury camping or "glamping" is for sissies who want to go camping. The executives from South Africa mention the safari, the hot daughter, as the one thing everyone knows they will do when they visit. Trace doesn't care if the hot daughter is easy, he just wants to see her.

"I think we might have got the harder thing," Trace tells his teammates, and they agree. But they didn't realize that any task with Gary is the harder thing. For the romance package, Plan B works on selling wine, art, food, dance and spa as their Big Five. This task is pretty straight down the middle. The challenge at Plan B is to sell a "bush massage" without making it sound naughty.

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