"Ahab's in Charge, and He's Gone Mad"

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Lights, Camera, Mechanical Dog

Why is Gary Busey still in this? It's not funny anymore, and it's bordering on sad. It's only because Team Power keeps losing. Lil Jon wants to step it up and secure a win as the last original member of Team Power. Lisa and Penn want to offload Gary.

For the final six task, Joan Rivers and Ivanka Trump are the advisors. They're back in Times Square, this time for Donald Trump to hock LG a little bit. The teams will be making a video talking about how great LG is. The executive tells the teams the video should excite, explore, and encourage. Lil Jon steps up as project manager for Team Power, and Lisa and Penn make Gary the project manager for Plan B, even if it means his firing.

Penn says he is not worried about Gary being the project manager on a tech challenge because he will be there. The LG guys show up to the custom team show room to demonstrate the tech products, and repeat themselves loudly and slowly for Gary. Gary gets up and moves around during the mobile device presentation, and admits that he doesn't really care about smartphones. He must be exasperating for these guys. He even walks away during the refrigerator tutorial. Something about cats and closets and Halloween.

Team Power is, of course, doing much better. They are not working with a rude idiot or child as a project manager. They do have, Trace, though. He's here to point out the obvious, as the experts show the celebrities the phone's "cheese feature," which has the camera take a picture when you say, "cheese." But what happens when your fridge tells your phone it needs more cheese? Does it take infinite pictures of the inside of your fridge until you refill it? That must be a bug they've worked out.

The executive emphasizes to Plan B that LG delivers great products that are easy, and possibly even fun to use. Lisa calls it a "feel good company," and notes that it shouldn't be too wacky. They'll have to hold Gary back a bit. But Gary holds everyone else back. Penn and Lisa offer half of their ideas, but Gary tells them to stop talking. Gary's idea is a mechanical dog, as the next thing LG will create (not one of the products listed).

"Gary wants to play a crazy person who turns into a mechanical dog," Penn says. Gary enjoys barking, and not listening to ideas. So that's the concept, I suppose. "His vision and LG's vision do not overlap in any way, shape, or form," Penn says. He asks Gary if he might understand it better if he sees it and Gary accepts that. Lisa is still upset that he told her to shut up, so she's defying Gary.

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