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Lesson Eight: Horatio Alger Is Mother Goose For Weasels

They get up to leave, and Charmaine -- looking like she's wigging out, a brittle smile on her faces, and I wonder if this was a stressful BR for her in some way we didn't see -- says that Trump didn't ask her about who should be fired, but for the record it shouldn't be Leslie. Lee disappeared, wasn't happy with the price point and didn't try to change it, but didn't then cowboy up and help with the task or do any actual work. On first viewing, I found this pretty icky, but going back, she does keep it on the Fact side of the line. "You didn't ask, but here's what I would have said, and I deserve to say my piece." Leslie and Michael are queasy and fidgety in the background; Lee just tries to yell and interrupt some more. I fire him from my whole life. Oh, plus how her faces are out to get him anyway because they got slapped by his BFF Lenny an hour/week ago. Trump seems to think this little FYI business is kind of icky anyway, though.

Back into the Boardroom! Trump asks why just Lee, and Leslie ticks off the reason: Michael and Charmaine were awesome, even Tarek has his place and worked his hot ass off. So...Lee goes like this, he goes, "Leslie Leslie Leslie I negotiated the store manager to clear all of the shelves!" You...asked him to. As did the other team. Leslie explains to him that she would have done the same, in the morning, and it's not quite the fucking feat he thinks. Carolyn does think it was pretty smart, though. Leslie and Lee yell at each other for awhile, and fight for Trump's affection, and gross out Carolyn a whole lot, and she calls him "honey" at some point and tries her best to give the impression that he is going off the rails and is dangerously out of control, not to mention being very rude. It's quite a disgusting display, but I can't say she stays clean in the middle of it. "Mr. Trump! He has a lack of discipline of some type!" Which is funny, and how she keeps yelling, "Stop talkin', Lee!" And there's a good part where he somehow manages to get her backed into a corner and explaining her whereabouts, which was impressive to see, but whatever, they're boring and repetitive and it goes forever.

Lee: "Who is the most price-sensitive people in the market?"
Trump: "You tell me."
Lee: "College students and senior citizens."
Trump: "I thought you were going to say something else."
Lee: "...No."
Jacob: "Jesus fucking Christ, Donald Trump."

Offensive doesn't cover it. So Lee gives them a speech about how college students and seniors are thrifty and how, "If you're pennies off, you can price yourself out of the market. I learned that from you, Mr. Trump!" Really? Not from Economics For Dummies? Douchebag. They argue and he never, ever stops talking, but doesn't say anything, kisses tons of ass, and is generally reprehensible and the worst thing I can think of right now on this show. I had this epiphany that the show actually wants you to hate first one person then another, and it's not that I'm expressing my resentment of the show by focusing my rage all on one person. So that's good to know. Trump tells Lee he's more talented than he has just demonstrated, and Lee has no idea what he's talking about, so he just keeps talking and blabbing about nothing. It's gross. Trump explains that the loss of manpower due to Lee's "deal" was more than justified. He doesn't tell the most compelling part, which is that Lee is worthless as an employee and might as well not have been there for all the hard work he would have done. He then explains to Leslie that, while Lee's traitorous CYA stuff every week is disgusting, it's neither at issue nor what lost the task. Whilst all of this explaining is going on, Lee is yelling in her other ear. Like he never, ever stops talking from the second the Boardroom door opens.

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