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The angry young man
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Previously on Uhhhhhhh...: The teams competed to create the Detained By Airport Security Collection on behalf of American Eagle, complete with jackets with little wires running out of them and bulky laptops stuffed down your pants and whatnot. Tana obtained "valuable insight" into the fact that kids love cell phones -- insight she obtained from a focus group, because the only other source of said information would have been any periodical publication dated between 1998 and 2005. Craig and Kendra didn't like each other, and it was easy to sympathize with both of them. Chris lost a credit card, but hey -- that didn't matter. Because Angie stammered during the presentation. Bad Angie! Net Worth went to the Boardroom again, where Alex escaped blame for horrendous management and Chris escaped blame for losing five grand, because Angie went, "Uhhh..." So, of course, Angie was fired. Six are left. Who will go next?

Up in the Love Palace, Bren is telling Kendra that his money is on Alex to get the boot. Kendra says she thinks it will be Angie. Tana, meanwhile, wonders why Chris "always gets to snake out." Good point. I think the bottom line is that any of the people at the final table could be suggested as reasonable firing candidates, which makes the entire thing both totally just and totally unsatisfying. Tana interviews that she'd like to see Chris fired. "He's a virgin, and we're all sluts," she says. Have to say, I'm really not finding that as evocative as she'd like it to be. She's starting to come off as one of those people who says stuff like that for effect, because you'll think it's so shocking coming from her. That's a routine with a limited lifespan, to say the least.

The door swings open, and Alex and Chris enter. Hugging ensues. Tana is wearing a lavender Muppet pelt around her neck as she explains in an interview that she was shocked that Chris wasn't fired. Alex tells Magna how Trump called them "losers," and Chris talks about how Trump called him a disaster again. "We were having the same conversation," Bren says. Heh. Chris smiles, but then he says, "That's not funny," in a way that I supposed to be funny, but kind of isn't. Lots of levels. And none are working. In an interview, Chris and his olive green pullover tell us that after all these losses, Trump is "disappointed" in Chris, and therefore, Chris has decided he has to be the PM and "kick their ass." Yeah. This is the part where he makes his big move! He hasn't even been tryin'! Get ready! Stand back! Look at him go!

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