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A Knight On Broadway

Will this show still be watchable now that Gene Simmons has been fired? Let's find out.

Jennie Finch returns to the suite alone, telling everyone that Trump fired both Gene and Omarosa. They're amazed, but they seem to buy it momentarily. Until Omarosa enters, cackling. Everyone figures that Gene fell on his sword for Nely Galan's sake, especially Nely herself. "I had no idea that he respected me that much," Nely interviews. I really don't think that was it. Lennox Lewis asks Jennie why Gene picked her. Jennie openly admits that she can't compete, and then interviews that this is the first time she's ever been on a team that lost three times in a row.

As last week's winning project manager Tito Ortiz (taking a break from a workout in the gym) greets a couple of representatives from his charity, St. Jude's Research Hospital. One of them is a patient, a tiny little girl named Elizabeth who looks to be about three. Except she's really nine, and has brittle bone disease. Tito gives her the $20,000 check, and in return she hands Tito a painting she did. Tito got rooked.

Somewhere in the Trump Tower, Trump introduces the Apprenti to Ivanka and this week's guest viceroy, promoter Vince McMahon from WWE. He tells them about his history with McMahon -- something about a head-shaving bet that McMahon lost (of course). This week's task is selling tickets to eight Broadway shows. The team that makes the most money wins. So the Project Managers end up being the member from each team with the most Broadway experience: Vincent Pastore for Hydra, because he's going to be in Chicago (the musical, as opposed to in the city of Chicago, about which there's a bit of confusion). Whereas Marilu Henner has been on Broadway six times. Trump tells the contestants that some of the money they raise will go to the Fund for Public Schools, "Broadway's Favorite Charity." And the winning PM's charity gets the rest. Marilu interviews about the importance of getting a win after three straight losses for her team. Trump tells them they'll have two hours, and cuts them loose.

In the Empresario war room, Marilu gets everyone right to work like a well-oiled machine. She wants Omarosa to be her co-negotiator, and Omarosa accepts. Marilu decides to concentrate on four shows she can get cast members from.

Hydra, on the other hand, is already getting bogged down in petty arguments about reading the rules, which quickly escalates into a bigger argument between Stephen and Piers about which of the two of them is the biggest asshole. Trace wins that one, by staying out of it.

Empresario is focusing on four shows: Chicago, Spring Awakening, Hairspray, and Curtains. They're off to negotiate. Meanwhile, Hydra is still trying to get through the reading of the rules. Stephen volunteers to be Vinnie's co-negotiator, but Piers nixes that so he can have Stephen work his high-value contacts. Lennox agrees with Piers, as does everyone else, so Vinnie picks Lennox as his co-negotiator.

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