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Here Comes the Blood
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Hey, hey. Al Lowe here, subbing in, Americans-style.

We start with a flashback to 1966. Elizabeth and her now-dead friend, Leanne sit in the park, talking about Leanne's infant son, Jared. When I first watched this, I thought that Leeanne's opening line about her precious baby was "He sheds a lot." Which… doesn't make sense, at all, no. I hear it, now. She says, "He shits a lot." We get it, FX. You love cursing! And naked asses! Ugh. Anyway, I guess the wig department was taking a much-needed vacation, because these two ladies -- particularly Elizabeth -- are wearing some Questionable Sixties Hats while they keep an eye on some shady character across the street and Leeanne talks about how sweetly her husband, Emmett, sings to Jared at night. She hears him at night by the crib singing "Here, There and Everywhere," she says. "You know that Beatles song?" she asks, in her Russian accent, and Elizabeth says she thinks so. Leeanne helpfully tells her that the best Beatles album is Revolver. (I may agree…) The reference to that song is very sweet, indeed. Listen to it and think of poor Jared, who found his whole family murdered. YAY. No, you're crying.

Leeanne asks Elizabeth when she and Philip might start trying to have a family. "It's not something I've always wanted," Elizabeth says, sort of cringing, and Leeanne suggests she never tell the Centre that, implying that children are something KGB spies are expected to produce. You'd think Elizabeth -- poster-girl for all things Motherland -- would have been only too happy to comply with this requirement, but the way she sort of cringes about it indicates the negative. But speaking of the Centre, Leeanne needs a favor. Before she can ask, however, their mark arrives on the street and they stride toward him, no doubt to kill him. (After, presumably, having crazy sex with him, since hardly anyone gets killed on this show before being resoundingly drilled).

Back in the show's present day, Elizabeth is applying medicine, post-shower, to the wound she picked up during the last episode. Philip, who is spying (har har) on his wife, sexily comes over to help. "Looks good," he says, and they have a little moment. "We drive to Newport News as soon as you're dressed," he says and you can hear the weariness and wariness in both of their voices as they discuss it. "What about the kids?" Elizabeth asks, and Philip sighs that the Centre is putting eyes on them in while E & P go off to complete their mission. Is it any wonder that the Cold War lasted as long and became as bloated as it did? These networks were employing agents to spy on their own spies? That shit is expensive. Elizabeth doesn't like the whole concept. "Is this supposed to make us feel better?" she asks. "Do you feel better?" Philip can only, again, sigh.

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