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Previously: The Jenningses coerced Heylia James from Weeds into planting a bug in the Secretary of Defense's home office, despite her strong religious objections; Martha proved time and again that she was a complete delusional doormat who would do anything for "Clark"; Stan and Nina's relationship could not stop being about the sex, except when it was about Stan lying about killing Nina's work friend Vlad; and Elizabeth dressed up like Yvonne DeCarlo-meets-Suzi Quatro in order to rope in a source within the Missile Defense Shield program.

Currently: Dark-Lady Elizabeth is meeting once again with Sanford Prince, her Star Wars contact. She's annoyed at being summoned, but he's got news: a colonel in Air Force intelligence working on the missile shield project is ready to defect. Prince is super proud of himself, saying he used the same techniques to flip this guy as (the late) Adam Dorwin used to recruit him. Elizabeth says that Dorwin was working off of KGB instructions the whole time, doofus. But Prince is undeterred in his enthusiasm. This Colonel is way up the food chain and disillusioned with the "chicken hawks" in the Reagan administration to boot. Elizabeth wants to see the intel, of course, but Prince informs her that it's for sale. The Colonel is selling it to whoever will pay him $50,000 for it. "We playing at the big-boy table now, Sanford?" Elizabeth asks with contempt mixed with a dash of surprised respect. "$50,000 buys a lot of poker chips," she tells him, referencing his pesky gambling habit. She needs assurances first, so she tells him to dead-drop what he's got and she'll get back to him.

At the Rezidentura, Arkady has summoned Nina to his office. After some pleasantries, he gets down to business. He informs her that, among their assets in the U.S. are a small group of patriots. "The illegals," she supplies for him. Makes them sound like an urban legend, which tracks with the way the FBI discussed Directorate S in the early goings of this season. Arkady tells Nina that, with her promotion, one of her new duties is to assist him in Directorate S business. This is apparently such a milestone that it occasions a special pin AND an oath, which Nina must read aloud: "Deeply valuing the trust placed upon me and grateful for the decision to send me to the sharp edge of the struggle for the interest of my people. As a worthy daughter of the homeland, I would rather perish than betray the secrets entrusted to me. With every heartbeat, with every day that passes, I swear to serve the Soviet Party, the homeland and the Soviet people." Amen! So Nina gets pinned and honestly? She looks legitimately honored to have reached such a level. And good for her. That she didn't have to sleep her way to the top to get this promotion must feel pretty great.

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