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The Deal

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Let's Make A Deal!

Things are going from bad (car stolen with wanted physicist in the trunk) to worse (spotted by cops with badly-beaten mystery agent) for Phillip and Elizabeth. While the powers that be try to figure out what to do next, Elizabeth goes home to take care of the kids, while Phillip babysits the chatty, philosophical, bathroom-needing Mossad agent.

Martha is freaking out because Clark went MIA after their fight and she leaves a series of escalating messages about threatening to fill out a job application indicating that she is married, which is, of course, bad. To defuse the situation, Elizabeth dons her costume as Clark's sister and shows up at Martha's house for a good old bitch session about Clark. They drink some (re: a lot of) wine and Elizabeth talks Martha out of filling out the incriminating job application and Martha talks about how wild Elizabeth's "brother" is in bed and things get super awkward from there.

Later, Elizabeth finally gets Brad Mullen, seaman recruiter, to deliver the goods on the guy who Claudia suspects murdered Emmett and Leanne. Then she dumps him.

When the physicist doesn't show up at home, his wife calls campus security who has a note in their file to call the FBI. The agent in charge? Stan Beeman, of course. He gets his best team on it, including his demoted boss who uses his contacts to help Stan figure out that the scientist may have been swiped by the Soviets.

At the Rezidentura, everyone is trying to figure out how to trade the Israelis their agent for the physicist. Arkady has a plan, but Oleg has other plans. When Arkady tells him to back off, Oleg gets huffy and then goes to yell at Nina, insinuating that he knows something is up with her relationship with Stan. So when she meets up with Stan later, she tells him about the rift between Arkady and Oleg and hints about the missing scientist. Stan is smart enough to put the pieces together and the FBI tails Oleg when he leaves the Rezidentura. Oleg leads him to an abandoned port and then confronts him about his relationship with Nina. Ever the burgeoning capitalist pig, he blackmails Stan for Nina's safety.

The Israelis and Russians arrange a trade: the Mossad agent for the physicist. As they drive to the drop off point, the scientist sobs in the car knowing he is being dragged back to the country he just fled, which does little for Phillip's morale. After the drop, Phillip comes home and collapses in Elizabeth's arms.

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