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It's a Trap

Elsewhere, Philip has gotten Elizabeth to a makeshift black-site hospital, where incredibly sketchy surgery is being performed. Claudia is stoic as the bullet is extracted Philip assists on the surgery. I guess she's stable now. Claudia tells Philip to go home to his children; he belligerently insists he's not leaving Elizabeth. Claudia -- right as always -- puts a magnanimous hand on his shoulder.

Cut to Philip calling Stan with some cock-and-bull story about Elizabeth's great aunt taking a fall and how they had to drive up to help her, so could Stan and Sandra watch the kids? Stan shows no signs of suspecting anything.

Cue the Season-ending montage set to Peter Gabriel! Martha returns home and dons her wedding ring. Prince identifies the defecting Colonel for the FBI agents. Nina presents Arkady with Stan's file.

Back at the "hospital," Elizabeth stirs and Philip's right there next to her. She looks at him and says, "Come home" in Russian. He kisses her hand.

At the Beemans', Paige asks to duck back home to get her homework. She does, and then she sneaks into the basement, obviously suspicious of what Elizabeth was doing there the other night. She stares at the washer/dryer and at that laundry her mother said she was folding. She doesn't investigate further, that we see, but the implication is that she's going to keep snooping until she finds something. Which... awesome. If this show needs anything, it's Paige more centrally integrated into the central plot. Homeland certainly taught us how great it is when you make the annoying daughter a huge part of the intrigue.

Joe R gives the whole season a B-minus. Come for him. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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