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It's a Trap

Meanwhile, Elizabeth exits the bus.

Claudia, watching the meet, spots the first car with the abort signal and springs into action, driving right into the park and up to Philip and the Colonel. She tells Philip the emergency signal went out -- the Colonel is freaked, but at this point, Philip doesn't believe this is a set-up, both due to the Colonel. Claudia, thinking quickly, immediately shifts to Elizabeth -- the pickup is the real trap. Philip just starts running.

After the break, the FBI lies in wait. Seriously, we get a look at that damn car from every possible angle. Meanwhile, Philip defies every known traffic law to get there in time. Poor Elizabeth not only might go to Federal prison for life, but she had to walk all the way from the bus station. She approaches the car, seeing no outward signs of trouble. From behind her, Philip comes speeding up in his car. She hops in, and Stan immediately orders his fellow agents to swarm. They close in, but Philip pulls a U-turn. Stuck now between a roadblock and about six agents with guns drawn (Stan front and center), Philip throws the car into reverse. Philip fires and OBVIOUSLY Elizabeth is hit and OBVIOUSLY we won't find out for another 10 minutes, because not only is this a television show, but it's a television show that isn't half as groundbreaking as people think it is. So Philip busts through the roadblock in reverse, Agent John-Boy fumes like a crappy movie villain, and the chase is on.

Philip manages to wind around the city smartly enough that he gets them into a garage and out of FBI sight. She wipes their prints off the car, while he works on breaking into the adjacent car and hotwiring it. They strip off their disguises and hightail it outta there; I mean, at a reasonable speed, so as not to attract attention. It's only when they get on the road -- seemingly safe and sound -- that they discover that Elizabeth has been shot. "We should still take the kids to that hotel tonight," she says. "That'd be nice." Oh how very cinematic. Philip scrambles into action as Elizabeth fades.

Safe House/Fuck Pad. Nina's fresh out of the bath, playing the enthusiastic exfiltratee perfectly. He sadly tells her that it didn't work out. Good thing she didn't mail her Commie buddies a photo of her flipping them the bird, then, Stan. "It all fell apart," he says. She tells him she can't go back. He is crushed; he promises to make this right for her. She's got him vulnerable again. She kisses him and I guess this begins the work of turning him to her side. See you in season 2, I guess.

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