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It's a Trap

Travel agency. Elizabeth asks around for Philip and a co-worker says he had to run, but he hands Elizabeth an envelope that Philip said to give to her. Inside the envelope? A note that reads: "I did it the way I wanted. Don't forget the pick up [sic]. See you later, I hope. I love you, Philip." Well, at least Philip's owning his selfishness in the letter. Still, way to boot your wife/partner in the nads, guy.

In a bit of cross-cutting, we see Nina leaving the Safe House/Fuck Pad at the same time that Elizabeth clears out her desk at work (of particular note: she takes her framed family photo with her).

Back with Special Agent John-Boy, everybody's in position for the bust at Weinberger's house. By the way, John-Boy tells Stan, Prince started shouting at the glass, like Stan said he would. He wants immunity and $500,000. Stan asks what he knows, and Agent John-Boy says they'll find out when they give him immunity and $500,000. There is then some talk about whether or not this "gambler" could be "bluffing" and I'm rolling my eyes too much to pay attention.

A poorly-disguised Philip (with an indifferent blond wig, wispy mustache and tinted glasses -- he looks like he dressed up as the FBI sketches of him) drives to the meet-up.

Rezidentura. Nina has taken the news of Stan's big development straight to Arkady. She's amped as hell, mostly because she's convinced that this can only mean one thing: the Directorate S meeting with the Colonel is a set-up. (Interesting that Arkady would have trusted her enough to tell her about the meeting with the Colonel.) He gets on the horn immediately.

The Feds wait outside Weinberger's house, all eyes on the car with the recorder in the trunk. One woman approaches, but it's a false alarm.

Back at the Soviet embassy, Arkady spray paints what look to be cock-eyed "7"s on a series of car doors -- a makeshift "abort" signal to send out to the Directorate S agents It's an incredibly unorthodox trick, but it's all they have.

Elizabeth -- wearing an equally low-effort wig and equally creepy shades -- rides the bus to make her pickup. Meanwhile, Claudia watches Philip's car pass her en route to his meeting with the Colonel. Suspense, suspense, suspense.

...Of course, not for us. We know Philip's not in danger. He finds the Colonel sitting on a bench and delivers his pass phrase: "The future is bright, don't you think?" The Colonel can't believe he requested such a lame-ass pass phrase, so points for self-awareness. A wary Philip sits as Claudia watches from her car. Philip begins by calling the intelligence he passed on "incredible." The Colonel goes for the old "Yes, from the Latin for 'not credible.'" Philip thinks he's just being a gasbag, but the Colonel is trying to tell him that these plans for a missile shield are quite literally not credible. At best, it's 50 years from being operational, he says. (Hi, I'm a grown adult, and the word "operational" still makes me think of the Death Star and only the Death Star.) It's basically a pipe dream, a bluff, a psy-op or just the ravings of a lunatic Reagan. "Another crazy arms race, this time in space."

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