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It's a Trap

The next morning, Special Agent John-Boy is barking out orders to his plainclothes agents. Apparently, Bakker really is going to Weinberger's for a meeting -- is it going to be entirely a dummy meeting just for the purposes of this sting? That's gotta make Bakker and Weinberger feel great about their relative levels of importance. The plan is to catch the Directorate S officers picking up the recording device after the meeting.

Elsewhere, Arkady and a babushka'd Claudia meet in her car. He's telling her the details about her reassignment to Moscow. "In my day, they didn't coddle you," she grouses. He asks if she's going to finish the assignment and she's like, "Of course, I will." It really is the mission first with her. He follows up on the meeting and Claudia's like, "Yes, but as I've told the Centre from the beginning, every instinct I have is crying out that this is a set-up." This is such great vindication for Claudia. Such a bummer that she has to sit there and take Elizabeth's shit just to maintain the illusion of institutional unanimity. She tells Arkady he has to get Philip and Elizabeth. He's surprised she'd say this immediately after they betrayed her. Because I guess Arkady hasn't been paying attention every time I mention that Claudia is a damn professional. He doesn't think he has the authority to overrule Moscow's clear directives without any new information. Besides, he says, he can't see walking away from the biggest intelligence success since the atom bomb. "That's what we always say right before our people die for nothing. The next thing we say is, "It was so obvious."

At the travel agency, a co-worker comes in and tells him Philip, he needs something approved. Elizabeth looks at him through the glass, expectantly. Expecting what, she can't say.

At Big Stan's Safe House/Fuck Pad, he shows up with big news. He can't say what it is right now, but if Nina sticks around for the next few hours, he'll tell her everything. She says they expect her back, but he says she's not going back. They approved her exfiltration. He's thrilled about this, of course -- he finally came through on a promise to someone, for once. For Nina, of course, this is the worst possible timing. Who's to say whether she would have come clean to Arkady if exfiltration was so imminent? Maybe she's still angry about Vlad. But either way, she can't take it now. Or she can, but she'd be an even bigger target for retribution. It really does feel like she's cast her whole lot back with the motherland. He tells her that they will probably send her out West, but she can choose the city. She does a decent enough job playing off her reticence as being sad to be separated from Stan. And, of course, she tries to get him to tell her what the big thing happening today is, but he won't say.

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