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It's a Trap

At the Rezidentura, Arkady is informing Nina of the KGB's ruling on her confessed mole-ery. He tells her that she can return to Moscow for trial, with the assurance that she will not be executed. However... there's another option, and that's Nina's offer to continue on and redeem herself. Moscow was skeptical, but Arkady sold them on his belief in her. He doesn't quite trust her, but her long-running deception makes him think she could be quite "effective" with this American agent of hers. During this whole speech, he's cold to her, but not angry exactly. He makes sure she's aware of the risks -- she could end up in U.S. jail, and if she betrays the USSR again, there will be no mercy. Nina knows. He tells her to continue her relationship with Stan, hand over all information and maybe bug him at some point in the future. Long term, says Arkady, the goal is to turn her Agent Beeman. She doesn't think that can be done, but Arkady quite confidently says that a man who falls into bed with his agent is "weaker and more vulnerable than he seems."

Back at the FBI, Agent John-Boy explains what Claudia told Elizabeth about the meeting between Weinberger and Bakker. He says they know they won't send anyone from the Rezidentura because they'd be followed. They'll send a Directorate S officer, and the FBI will be waiting.

Back at the Jenningses, Henry doesn't want to go to Philip's apartment for dinner. He says it's because it's Game 5 of Stanley Cup playoffs, but we also know he's reacting to this separation by sealing himself away. Philip offers to stick around and watch the game. So it looks like the whole fam will be together to watch the Islanders.

At the FBI, Stan really thinks this plan is going to work. When it does, the Rezidentura will go apeshit, which means it's time to get Nina out of there. Agent John-Boy agrees and says he'll put things in motion for exfiltration.

Back at home, Philip and Elizabeth duck into another room to discuss their exodus plans. The plan seems to be that Philip will take the kids out of town no matter what, and if Elizabeth makes it out of her meeting with the Colonel, she'll meet up with them by nightfall. If not, it's off to Ottawa! Philip then makes one more grandiose attempt at telling her that she should be the one to stay with the kids. He's trying to talk her into believing in her motherly bond or something. It just comes across as tedious. I get how, like, our personal lives wreak havoc on our professional brains or whatever, but there needs to be some nod to Philip behaving like a good secret agent at some point. These loosey-goosey notions of motherhood he's trying to push on Elizabeth are just taking away from the smartest course of action, and at some point, I'm going to stop caring about elite spies who are just not that good at being spies. She ends up wearing Philip down, earning his best "I'm disappointed in you" face. Stand strong, Elizabeth! You don't need them kids!

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